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Date: December 29, 2023
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A decade of success: Go-Ahead London plans to expand its fleet of eBuses to a thousand units

Currently operating 520 zero-emission buses on behalf of TfL, Go-Ahead London has ambitious plans to further increase this number to 1,000 by the end of 2026, constituting nearly half of the company's fleet.
London Zero emission buses

Go-Ahead London, the capital’s largest bus operator, is celebrating a significant environmental milestone as it marks ten years of operating zero-emission electric buses in partnership with Transport for London (TfL).

Since the trial of London’s first modern-day emission-free bus on December 18, 2013, Go-Ahead London has achieved a remarkable feat, contributing to a reduction of 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Currently operating 520 zero-emission units on behalf of TfL, Go-Ahead London has ambitious plans to further increase this number to 1,000 by the end of 2026, constituting nearly half of the company’s fleet.

As part of a broader strategy, Go-Ahead aims to convert its entire fleet of 5,000 buses in the UK to zero-emission units by 2035, aligning with the company’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045.

In a celebratory event held at its Camberwell depot, Go-Ahead London highlighted the positive impact of its electric buses on the environment and the community.

Tom Cunnington, TfL’s Head of Buses Business Development, emphasized the crucial role that zero-emission buses play in London’s journey to net-zero, providing cleaner air and mitigating the environmental impact of road transport.

London’s iconic red buses are recognized as some of the greenest globally, with lower CO2 emissions per passenger kilometer compared to cities like New York, Paris, and Vancouver.

With over 1,300 zero-emission units on the roads, London’s decarbonization efforts are making significant strides.

Go-Ahead Group, operating 670 zero-emission buses across the UK, is set to deploy an additional 106 electric vehicles in Oxford, supported by the Government’s ZEBRA scheme.

The company’s commitment to innovation is further exemplified by the opening of the Zero Emission Centre for Excellence in London in 2022.

The center focuses on optimizing the operation of zero-emission units, including energy efficiency, maintenance standardization, charging infrastructure cost reduction, and battery lifespan extension.

As part of the anniversary celebration, Go-Ahead displayed drawings of the “clean bus of the future” created by local school pupils.

The event also featured a zero-emission bus-themed birthday cake, symbolizing a decade of progress towards a sustainable and cleaner transportation future.

David Cutts, Managing Director of Go-Ahead London, expressed pride in the company’s role in delivering cleaner air and quieter journeys for Londoners.

Reflecting on the past decade, Cutts acknowledged the rapid development of electric bus technology and the normalization of electric buses on London’s streets.

Tom Cunnington of TfL commended Go-Ahead London for a decade of emission-free electric bus services, highlighting their contribution to London’s environmental goals.

He also affirmed TfL’s commitment to working closely with bus operators to achieve a fully zero-emission fleet by 2034, with the possibility of acceleration to 2030 through additional government funding.

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