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Date: January 9, 2024
Marianela Taborelli
By Marianela Taborelli
Latin America

Google Trends explains searches on electromobility in Latin America

With various motivations, whether to learn more, stay updated on the latest developments, out of curiosity, or due to lack of knowledge, Google search engines are activated in reference to electric mobility. What and how much did each country search for during 2023?

While the search engine does not publicly share its search volume data, it is estimated that Google processes approximately 63,000 search queries per second, equating to 5.6 billion searches per day and around 2 trillion globally per year.

The average person conducts between three and four searches per day.

One functionality offered by the tech giant is Google Trends, a tool that serves to compare the popularity of different words and phrases on its search engine, i.e., the frequency with which users search for them.

Here, as every year, Mobility Portal Latinoamérica shares a summary of these inquiries related to electromobility in different countries of Latin America during 2023:


The statistics denote a clear interest in ‘electric car,’ with alternating peaks as the months of 2023 progress.

In the breakdown provided by Google regarding the location of these searches, the subregions that showed the most interest in the topic were: Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, Neuquén, Córdoba, and Misiones.

The other three variables compared exhibit similar statistics among themselves.


The variables demonstrate a high interest in the country for concepts related to the world of electric mobility: electromobility and electric car exhibit search peaks throughout the year.

In this case, “retrofit” was added as a variable due to being a topic under discussion in the country recently.

Additionally, the variable ‘electric bus’ is included, considering that the country has more than 2 thousand units in its capital and made the first incorporation of these vehicles in regions during 2023.


The equivalent words in Portuguese highlight the trends reflected in the graph, which – similar to 2022 – show a clear interest in search engines for ‘carro elétrico’ (electric car).

Geographically, the highest interest in this concept was observed in Distrito Federal, Goiás, Sergipe, Paraíba, and Tocantins.


The clearest trend is divided between searches for “auto eléctrico” and “automóvil eléctrico,” with peaks indicating a regular interest throughout the year.

This pattern repeats exactly as it had occurred in 2022 but with an increase in the number of searches.


Unlike what happened in 2022, the search for variables was not as consistent throughout the year. Some search peaks stand out, especially for the term “auto eléctrico” (electric car).


Compared to the 2022 analysis, the country showed increased interest in topics related to electric vehicles in Google searches.

The highest search peaks for each of the variables analyzed are observed between May and August.


The search trend for ‘auto eléctrico’ peaked in the month of May. Meanwhile, the other two analyzed terms show consistent numbers throughout 2023.

In a country anticipating the imminent arrival of Tesla’s Gigafactory, Google explains the interest of internet users on the subject as follows:

The highest interest in the company coincides with the geographical location where it will be installed, Nuevo León.


In the comparative average, it is one of the countries that took off the most in the search for a specific engine: ‘carro eléctrico,’ especially in the first half of the year.

The other two compared terms have a similar average throughout 2023.


From here, we conclude that the majority of the region shows a marked interest in researching on Google or engaging with issues related to electromobility, which increases year by year. What happened in the rest of the world during 2023? The trend repeats:

The interest in “electromovilidad” is evident in Latin American countries:

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