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Date: April 22, 2024
Gresgying announces: Will launch its next 480 kW charger at Intersolar in Munich
By Lucía Colaluce

Gresgying announces: Will launch its next 480 kW charger at Intersolar in Munich

The company, which has over 105,000 charging terminals under operation across Asia, Europe, and Australia, aims to expand its product portfolio and strengthen its presence in the old continent. What benefits do Gresgying products offer?
Gresgying chargers
Alice Chou, Sales Manager at Gresgying, at de Nordic EV Summit.

In a context where the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles is increasingly promoted, Gresgying announces it will launch a 480-kilowatt charger in the European market.

“We will unveil it during the Intersolar event in Munich,” reveals Alice Chou, Sales Manager at Gresgying, in dialogue with Mobility Portal Europe during the Nordic EV Summit.

She continues, “We are ready to offer it to heavy commercial fleets or those with large quantities, such as companies, fleets, and significant charging point operators (CPOs), as it will be suited for various uses.”

To enhance its market presence, the company designs a roadmap every year planning the development of new products.

Gregying 30 kW DC Wallbox.
Gregying 30 kW DC Wallbox.

For instance, in 2023, they announced the availability of the alternating current (AC) model seven kilowatts, 11 kilowatts and 22 kilowatts, as well as 30 kilowatts DC wallbox to accommodate charging in more destinations.

This year they will be launching the 480 kilowatt Charging Satellite Systems, and by 2025 they will provide a complete new energy solution of PV+ESS+Charging.

Indeed, despite having a range of reliable products, the Chinese manufacturer is not yet well-known in the old continent compared to its home country.

Currently, their main challenge is to establish themselves in the European industry.

That’s why company representatives attend various electromobility events, such as the Nordic EV Summit and Intersolar, to explain to other firms in the sector who they are and what they offer.

Despite all this, it’s worth noting that the company already has charging infrastructure installed in Iceland, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Estonia, etc.

Gregying 120 kW DC Charger.
Gregying 120 kW DC Charger.

“Customer feedback has been very positive”.

Last year, they installed 180-kilowatt direct current devices in Iceland, aiming to provide fast public charging solutions.

This product is compatible with most electric vehicle (EV) models and, with its available power, can charge an EV battery from 20 to 80 per cent in under 30 minutes.

The device is also equipped with intelligent features like remote monitoring, dynamic load management, and payment integration, making it easier for users and operators to access and manage the service.

This station is located in the public car park opposite the Iceland 4S store and is part of Gresgying’s global network of fast chargers, aiming to promote electric mobility adoption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The company’s next move is to establish an office in Germany to facilitate the distribution of its equipment in Europe.

“We are taking firm steps towards this goal, focusing on product quality and customer service to stand out in this new market for us,” acknowledges the Sales Manager at Gresgying.

About Gresgying

Established in 2017, the Chinese-origin manufacturer of electric car charging stations currently boasts over 105,000 operational terminals and more than 200 patents, with increasing software works.

Moreover, they cover over 80 per cent of the entire domestic market and are considered a publicly traded corporation. In fact, they went public in 2022.

Apart from Europe, they are currently exploring the Japanese and Australian markets.

Considering their hub portfolio, the company has developed products for both residential use and parking areas in shopping centres and residential zones, where they are more popular for people stopping for one or two hours and needing fast charging.

“We differentiate ourselves from the competition in two main aspects: Firstly, we have an R&D team that represents over 30 per cent of our staff. This combination allows us to offer comprehensive solutions, from research and development to after-sales services,” comments Chou.

She continues, “Secondly, high quality products and excellent after-sales systems are enabling us to work as a win-win cooperation with our partners. We also stand out for our innovative designs, such as the ability to visualize the plug status in real-time during charging.”

Additionally, the company maintains strategic partnerships with renowned firms like State Grid and Didi.

Other key collaborations are with energy companies such as bp and Shell Recharge.

As a Chinese charging solutions company overseas, GDT has been committed to become the world’s leading comprehensive charging solution provider through innovation technology.

They are aiming to “make energy smarter, make life better”.

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