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Date: June 28, 2024
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Investing in fast charging: Growatt gears up for the launch of a 100 kW charger

While the launch date has not been confirmed yet, the research and development team is working to introduce it to the Spanish market as soon as possible. What other developments is Growatt preparing?
Alejandro Pintado Gregorio, Product Marketing Manager at Growatt.

Renowned for its focus on renewable energy solutions, Growatt is expanding its line of electric vehicle chargers both nationally and globally.

While the company primarily focuses on continuous charging with 20 and 40 kilowatt (kW) units, it now aims to broaden its offerings.

“We are launching solutions with up to 100 kW of power for fast charging,” anticipates Alejandro Pintado Gregorio, Product Marketing Manager of the company, to Mobility Portal España.

When will it be available in Spain?

There is no specific date yet, but it could be during 2025. 

Currently, the research and development team is working to introduce this novelty to the market as soon as possible, while finalizing the legalization and certification procedures for the devices.

Maintaining its commitment to an outstanding quality-price ratio, the new charger will be available at a cost that will suit Spanish and Portuguese customers.

“Like every Growatt product, it will be designed so that all budgets can have one,” emphasizes Alejandro Pintado Gregorio. 

Not only that, but the company is also exploring technologies for bidirectional charging, although there is no estimated date for this specific feature.

Considering all these details, the product is ideal to be installed in service stations, in combination with photovoltaic solutions. 

This makes it essential to comply with the requirements established in Law 7/2021. 

This regulation provides that gas stations whose gasoline and diesel sales exceeded five million liters in 2019 must install at least one charging station with a power equal to or greater than 50 kW.

Likewise, it is suitable for locations on public roads in both cities and small towns.

What other products are part of the Growatt charging line?

Growatt THOR charger.

The THOR stands out for being a smart charger designed for various environments, including residential and commercial.

In addition to offering a capacity that ranges between three and 22 kW in alternating current (AC) and between 20 and 40 kW in direct current (DC), the device allows PV charging mode, using solar energy.


Regulating its power dynamically based on domestic capacity, thus avoiding exceeding the established limit.

This allows users to supply their vehicles at maximum speed with 100 per cent renewable energy, taking advantage of the photovoltaic surplus to maximize self-consumption and reduce the energy bill.

All this is feasible through GroHome.

This smart home system integrates solar energy, energy storage, smart car charger, heating controller, VPP interface and IoT devices to increase the rate of home PV self-consumption.

Growatt’ stand at Power2Drive.

It also supports the prediction of light generation and consumption based on “Big Data” and AI technology.

It is important to highlight that the equipment is compatible with all brands of electric vehicles thanks to its integrated type 2 charging connector and its interface with OCPP protocol.

“It is a product that we are incorporating progressively, since we do not want to do a massive installation,” details the Growatt representative.

And he emphasizes: “We are evaluating its performance, ensuring that it is properly integrated and meets all customer needs.”

The origin of Growatt

Guided by the vision of building an ecological and sustainable future, the firm was founded in 2011.

With its main headquarters in Shenzhen, ChinaGrowatt has stood out for its rapid growth and its ability to innovate in photovoltaic energy and electric vehicle charging products. 

In a decade, the company has rapidly expanded to become one of the world’s leading providers of distributed energy solutions.

What’s more, it only took 18 months from its founding to become a popular smart inverter manufacturer.

The dedication of the team, motivated by the mission of making sustainable energy accessible to all, drives a deep commitment, “working tirelessly to deliver high-quality products and services to global customers.”

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