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Date: October 3, 2023
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By Inés Platini
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GSS Power Charger: Leading the Way with Fast Charging Solutions and “Hassle-Free Installation”

GSS Power S.L. exclusively presents its product, GSS Power Charger, to Mobility Portal Europe. This innovative solution aims to comprehensively address the challenges facing charging infrastructure in Spain.

With five years of experience in electric vehicle usage, GSS Power is introducing its new product, the GSS Power Charger, to the market.

Aware of the limited capacity of the electrical grid to supply multiple chargers simultaneously, their product uses energy storage batteries to offer fast and efficient charging.

This feature eliminates the need for civil engineering work or high-voltage electrical connections to enable charging.

The product stands out for its ability to charge two cars simultaneously. Each charger has two hoses and provides an output of 204 kW.

This means that users with cars that have a battery capacity of 90 kW can charge up to 80% in just 22 minutes, allowing drivers to reduce charging time and achieve maximum efficiency in their journeys.

In an exclusive interview with Mobility Portal Europe, Hugo Hannibal Baquedano, Commercial Agent of GSS Power S.L., states: “Our product represents a solution for our customers to avoid unnecessary expenses.”

According to the company, there is currently a significant increase in electric mobility in Spain. However, challenges related to the lack of charging infrastructure, high installation costs, delays by energy companies, and the limited capacity of the electrical grid to supply thousands of chargers simultaneously still exist.

Therefore, through their ultra-fast chargers, GSS Power presents an innovative solution to comprehensively address these issues.

Additionally, their chargers offer great adaptability to service stations, making installation and integration into existing infrastructure easier.

If the current location is not convenient, the charger can be easily relocated.

However, it can also be anchored to the ground with a small foundation to prevent vandalism or theft.

Currently, they are located in Alicante and Novelda, and they are working on constructing an additional facility in Elche.

To enhance the customer experience, the company offers the option to incorporate the corporate logo and distinctive colors into the product.

They also allow advertising on the charger’s screen to optimize customer time or increase the average purchase value by promoting additional products and/or services.

The charger’s interface enables payment and billing services for public charging, as well as the option to subscribe to the Electromaps service.

“It can be paid for with a credit or debit card or with mobile using RFID,” Baquedano explains.

The charger has a price of 130,000 euros plus Value Added Tax (VAT).

According to the company, this cost is considered economical, considering that it includes four battery modules, which are costly, a centralized error code system, and the option to be powered by solar panels for a self-sufficient energy system.

Technical Specifications of the GSS Power Charger

The ESC-193-EU-A fast charger is characterized by its 193 kWh storage capacity, a charging power of 204 kW, and an AC input of 40 kW (400 V/63 A).

The DC charging voltage covers a range from 200 to 930 volts, enabling gradual battery charging followed by ultra-fast power discharge into the vehicle.

The two available charging hoses are of the CCS2 type and are five meters long. Connection to the power grid is achieved through a five-pole power socket.

“Our passion for technological excellence and our commitment to a greener future drive us to find solutions to ensure that the electric vehicle revolution is sustainable and accessible to all,” they emphasize.

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