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Date: February 26, 2024
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GSS Power to launch over 300 kW charger this year: Europe, US, and Latin America in focus

GSS Power will launch a charger for eTrucks featuring cutting-edge technology. While its primary market will be Europe, it does not rule out the possibility of exporting it to the US and Latin America. What benefits does this device offer?
GSS Power
Cristina Chan, spokesperson for GSS Power, at the E-Mobility Expo World Congress in Valencia.

At the E-Mobility Expo World Congress in Valencia, Cristina Chan, spokesperson for GSS Power, which manufactures its products in China using European components, provided Mobility Portal Europe with insights into the company’s objectives for the year.

Currently, the company is working on developing a charger with a battery capacity of over 500 kilowatt-hours and an output power of more than 300 kilowatts.

According to Chan, the product may be launched in the near future.

However, she acknowledges that “obtaining the certificates to distribute them, both in Spain and the rest of Europe, usually takes between two and three months.”

The interesting aspect of this device is that its features will enable the company to reach new customer segments, such as trucks and trailers, which have larger batteries than cars.

The investment in this charger seems to be a wise decision as heavy-duty vehicles are becoming increasingly relevant in the European context.

The latest registrations show that electric trucks experienced a growth of 234.1 per cent, reaching 5,279 units.

Consequently, they now represent 1.5 per cent of the market, a significant advancement compared to 0.8 per cent the previous year.

While the charger manufacturer aims to launch its products in the European region, it also seeks to enter other markets.

We are focusing on Spain and the rest of Europe. However, in the future, we could consider Latin America and the United States, or any other country,” Chan indicates.

The firm’s deployment objective is related to its goal of “solving current problems” faced by the charging sector.

To showcase its benefits and functionalities, GSS Power exhibited the 204-kilowatt GSS Power Charger at the Valencia event.

This device attracted international clients as it stands out in the market for its storage batteries.

GSS Power chargers.

This feature enables cost savings and eliminates the need for civil works or adaptations to the main electrical network.

One advantage of this charger is its ability to avoid the wait associated with receiving electrical supply from distribution companies, a frequently cited obstacle in the sector.

This is largely due to the extended times required to obtain the technical-economic letter, a process that can only begin once the installation is fully completed and approved by inspection.

Once obtained, one must wait again to connect the infrastructure to the electrical network.

The GSS Power Charger presents an ideal solution to overcome these delays as it can be connected to the existing network without requiring civil works.

Furthermore, this feature allows the device to be easily relocated since it does not need to be connected to a transformer.

The connection to the network is made through a five-pole power socket, facilitating its transportation “via crane.”

It is worth noting that this charger is equipped with two CCS2 type charging hoses, each with a length of five meters.

The battery pack is charged with a maximum power of 40 kilowatts from the grid, allowing for the “refueling” of an electric vehicle in approximately 15 minutes with a range of 200 kilometres.

The battery system consists of four high-performance modules cooled by a liquid cooling system, which efficiently dissipates heat.

This solution is ideal for customers seeking a fast, easy-to-connect, and cost-effective charging infrastructure, as installation costs are minimal.

“This technology adapts very well to shopping centers, gas stations on highways, and logistics companies,” comments the company spokesperson.

Shared interests: GSS Power invests in European Components

A significant number of European companies in the electromobility sector use components sourced from China.

However, the situation for GSS Power is quite the opposite.

Production takes place in China, but the chargers contain components manufactured in Europe, such as those from Phoenix Contact,” explains Chan.

It’s worth noting that the exchange of components between both regions is a topic of discussion.

The reality is that Europe is a major buyer of products and services from the Asian country.

However, this year, it may encounter another “supplier bottleneck,” similar to what happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, as explained by Juan Pablo Gómez, Managing Director of Certysol, in conversation with Mobility Portal Europe.

Since 2020, there has been a widespread crisis in the supply of materials for electric car production, reaching its peak in 2021 with the highest global shortage record.

In China, several factories producing supplies have experienced temporary closures in recent years, prompted by pandemic-related issues.

Now, the challenge that the European market might face in sourcing supplies from the Asian country is linked to the conflict in the Red Sea.

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