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Date: August 30, 2023
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Guanajuato aims to attract German investments in electromobility in September

It is projected that by the end of the year, the targeted investment goal of 6 billion dollars will be achieved in the region.

A delegation from Guanajuato will travel to Germany in September with the aim of attracting more investments, primarily in the automotive and food sectors.

This was announced by Ramón Alfaro Gómez, Secretary of Economic Development.

Alfaro Gómez explained that this visit will be utilized to deliver a positive message about the state of Guanajuato to entrepreneurs, encouraging them to bring their businesses to the region.

It is anticipated that the targeted investment goal of 6 billion dollars will be achieved by the end of the year.

During his involvement, Alejandro Hernández, Deputy Secretary for Investment Attraction at the Secretariat of Sustainable Economic Development in Guanajuato, detailed that after the COVID pandemic concluded, industries have shown significant reactivation.

As a result, the visit to Germany aims to facilitate a transition in the automotive sector towards electromobility.

“It’s already in the works, my two colleagues are going; they’re heading to Germany. We’re going to Germany, but not just there, we’re also attending the electromobility fair that’s already being held periodically, and we’ll take the opportunity to visit France, Belgium, and Italy as well. As the secretary mentioned, this is a dynamic process,” stated Alejandro Hernández, Deputy Secretary for Investment Attraction at the Secretariat of Economic Development.

He added, “We’re witnessing an economic reactivation after the pandemic was declared over, and we’re observing a transition towards electromobility. These are additional projects to the ones already underway in Guanajuato.”

Guanajato objetives

Through their visits to foreign countries, they aim to finalize the implementation of systems utilizing electric energy in various applications, such as creating projects focused on generating components like electric battery casings, battery wiring, electric chargers, flexible sleeves, among others.

Additionally, they aim to expand the food sector to the northwest area of the territory.

Alfaro Gómez mentioned that if time permits, before the end of this year, more investments will be connected with foreign countries such as the United States, China, and Europe.

“We also have plans to finalize investments in the United States, and if the rest of the year allows, we would be exploring options to solidify investments in Europe as well. But as the Deputy Secretary already mentioned, the focus is on September,” said Ramón Alfaro.

He emphasized that these projects can either accelerate or not, however, they are short-term visualized projects, all of which fall under the category of green industries that contribute to the well-being of Guanajuato and the generation of more well-paying jobs.

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