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Date: May 30, 2024
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Hermes replaces its old buses with 32 Citea from VDL: Will more units arrive?

With a fully electric powertrain, where the batteries are installed in the floor and the motors are integrated into the wheels, there is space for up to 92 passengers on board these new VDL buses.
VDL electric buses

Hermes presented its brand new generation of Citea buses to the public on Monday, 27 May.

With the deployment of the first 32 of a total of 64 new generation units from VDL Bus & Coach, Hermes is now in possession of the entirely new generation of Zero-Emission buses in North Brabant.

Hermes is happy to be replacing its old buses for these brand new and state-of-the-art vehicles, which will make a positive contribution to reducing its carbon footprint.

Travelling by public transport has thus become even more environmentally friendly than it already was.

The buses deployed by Hermes in the Southeast Brabant region are equipped with a variety of technological specifications, including the so-called “Brainport” package; this includes safety systems such as Forward Collision Warning and a Blind Spot Detection system.

With an all-electric powertrain, where battery packs are installed in the floor and motors are integrated into the wheels, there is room for up to 92 passengers on board these new vehicles.

In addition, the improved passenger comfort is clearly felt through the unique interior design and special lighting, which contributes to a very positive passenger experience.

Martijn Mentink, regional director of Hermes, says: “With these new zero-emission city buses, we are taking the next step towards a completely emission-free fleet in Southeast Brabant. The development is also fully in line with the vision of the commissioner of public transport, the province of North Brabant.”

“It fits seamlessly with the goal of offering completely emission-free bus transport by 2030. And in doing so, our traveller is the main winner because we’re convinced that these new buses will contribute to an even finer travel experience,” he adds.

The driver has also been considered: a lot of time and attention was paid to creating the optimal driver environment when designing the vehicle, with no concessions made to ergonomics, ease of operation, comfort and safety.

Richard van den Dungen, CCO VDL Bus & Coach, states: “We are extremely proud that our new generation Citeas will be filling the streetscape of Eindhoven and the surrounding area. Hermes and Eindhoven have therefore achieved a first in the Netherlands.”

“The traveller and the driver are going to experience an extremely comfortable travel experience, also in the knowledge that this journey is more environmentally friendly than travelling with the previous generations of buses,” he adds.

Hermes will deploy its new buses on city lines in Eindhoven and neighbouring municipalities.

Hermes is happy to invite residents of Eindhoven to try out the comfort of the new vehicles.

A free “Zero-Emission off-peak day card” can be requested via a specially set up website. This allows a day of free bus travel from 9:00 am, once the morning rush hour is over.

Participating lines are city lines 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 114.

The promotion runs until 30 June.

The next 32 new units ordered by Hermes will follow later this year.

These regional buses will be able to cover greater distances and therefore start becoming visible outside Eindhoven.

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