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Date: February 22, 2024
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HESS has secured a contract worth €19 million to supply 16 eBuses to Vicenza

These are lighTram 19 TOSA units, whose use will enable saving around 1,000 tons of CO2 per year. When will HESS deliver the units?
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The Italian city of Vicenza has opted for the manufacturer HESS to electrify its bus services.

As part of an international tender, the company was awarded a contract worth around 19 million euros to supply 16 vehicles to the city.

HESS will deliver 16 lighTram 19 TOSA units for the “LAM Rossa” line by 2027.

The vehicles will be charged at selected charging stations along the line using flash charging technology in collaboration with Hitachi.

Customers benefit from HESS’s proven experience in this high-performance category, as such e-bus systems are already in operation in Geneva, Nantes, Brisbane and Clermont-Ferrand or have been ordered.

The buses will cover an average of around 55,000 kilometres per year.

The switch to electromobility will enable carbon dioxide (CO2) savings of around 1,000 tonnes per year compared to conventional Euro 6 buses.

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