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Date: December 18, 2023
By Ailén Pedrotti

The inaugural Ibero-American eMobility Expo concludes: Highlights of key announcements

Organized by the Mobility Portal Group, this week marked the debut of the Ibero-American fair aimed at unveiling new developments in charging infrastructure for Latin America and Spain. Here's a summary of the major announcements.
This week marked the debut of the Ibero-American Electric and Sustainable Mobility Expo.
This week marked the debut of the Ibero-American Electric and Sustainable Mobility Expo.

Last Wednesday witnessed the premiere of the Ibero-American Electric and Sustainable Mobility Expo, orchestrated by Mobility Portal Latinoamérica and Mobility Portal España.

During the event, leading companies in charging infrastructure unveiled their latest releases, new developments, and the latest market trends in a truly innovative fashion.

Representing the Spanish market, the opening session featured the industry-leading energy company, Jema Energy.

Their presentation focused on their product catalog, highlighted by the new SIGMA range.

Primarily featuring a modular charger composed of various internal modules, it promises “enhanced performance, easy maintenance with minimal interventions, and remarkable modular possibilities.”

This versatile line offers a wide range of power options.

Additionally, Smart Wallboxes continued the lineup by presenting solutions for the installation of charging points and photovoltaic panels.

The company’s advantage lies in having its own installers, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

Projects for residential environments and companies with electric vehicle fleets are at the core of their strategy, as stated by Ellis Álvarez Gonzalez, the CEO of the company.

Daze, the Italian manufacturer of charging points, also showcased its solutions and innovations at the Ibero-American Electric and Sustainable Mobility Expo, along with Spain’s Vega Chargers and Webasto Group.

Another noteworthy presence was Wallbox Chargers.

The Pulsar Plus stood out, featuring a minimalist design suitable for any garage and manageable through the MyWallbox app.

The Pulsar Pro is designed especially for fleets and shared charging locations, touted as an ideal product for operators and installers of charging points.

The Pulsar Max, with its premium matte finish, reduces installation time and costs with its design.

Furthermore, the Spanish company introduced we charge, a pioneering company making strides in the Brazilian market.

The Latin American paradigm also found its place on the agenda.

Enel X presented the key features of the Waybox 7.4 kW, Waybox Pro 22 kW, Waypole ranging from 22 to 44 kW, and the Juicepump 150 X available up to 100 or 150 kW depending on the type of connector requested.

Meanwhile, Evergo detailed its investments in four segments: public charging, My Evergo, Evergo fleet, and Evergo connect.

Vulletic showcased its Primo charger for home charging, available with type 1 or type 2 connectors.

Attendees also had the opportunity to explore the EV Jungle website to discover all the platform’s features, charge management, and available information.

In line with this, Chargeboxnet demonstrated some of its publicly accessible charging points.

In a one-on-one session with Celsia, upcoming projects for 2024 were unveiled, offering a glimpse into the four strategic axes they are working on and an analysis of the market.

EVinka demonstrated the use of its fast chargers installed in Lima, Peru, with 60 kW units available for commercialization in various countries in the region.

Additionally, the panel discussion of the day featured Rafael Marin Rodríguez, General Director of CREV, and Lina Álvarez, Commercial Leader of Standard Charging at Celsia.

Topics included upcoming projects for 2024, trends, short-term technical aspects for discussion, and a “crossing” of proposals between Spain and Latin America to expedite investment development.

You can relive the expo and find all the details in the video:

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