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Date: September 21, 2023
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European Union

In August, EV registrations in the EU increased by 118.1%, reaching 165,165 units

The European Union (EU) recorded nearly 1 million EVs sold between January and August, which represents a quarter of the market. The figures are presented below.
EV registrations ACEA EU

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) released vehicle registration figures for the European Union (EU), highlighting that in August, the market share of EVs exceeded 20% for the first time (compared to 11.6% in August of the previous year).

Specifically, registrations of this technology increased by 118.1%, reaching 165,165 units, which represents 21% of the market.

Furthermore, it surpassed diesel for the second time this year, becoming the third most popular choice among new car buyers.

It’s worth mentioning that, except for Malta (-22.6%), all EU markets experienced double and triple-digit percentage growth, with Germany, showing remarkable growth of 170.7%, being the largest market in volume.

On the other hand, Belgium recorded the highest growth rate at 224.5%.

Overall, EV sales increased significantly by 62.7%, with nearly 1 million units registered from January to August.

On the other hand, battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) maintained their position as the second choice for buyers, with a market share of 24%.

While gasoline cars remain the most popular choice, their market share decreased from 38.7% in August of the previous year to 32.7%.

In August, new registrations of BEVs increased by 29%, primarily driven by strong growth in three of its four largest markets: Germany (+59%), France (+38.7%), and Spain (+21.5%). In contrast, Italy saw a slight decrease (-2.3%).

This resulted in a cumulative increase of 28.6%, with nearly 1.8 million units sold between January and August, equivalent to a quarter of the market.

It’s worth mentioning that last month, new BEV registrations in the EU grew by 5.5%, totaling 58,557 units. Solid performance in key markets such as the Netherlands (+44.7%), France (+40.5%), and Sweden (+24.9%) helped offset the decline in Germany (-41.1%), the largest market for this energy source.

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Gasoline and diesel cars

In August, the EU’s gasoline car market increased slightly by 2.1%, although its market share decreased from 38.7% to 32.7% compared to August of the previous year.

Strong performance in Italy (+25.3%) and France (+21.5%) mainly drove this growth, while most markets within the bloc declined.

On the contrary, the EU’s diesel car market continued its decline in August (-6%), despite growth in Germany (+9.2%) and markets in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly Slovakia (+22.6%) and Romania (+19.4%).

Diesel cars now have a market share of 12.5%, down from 16.1% in August of the previous year.

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