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Date: February 1, 2024
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InstaVolt integrates 1,380 EV charging points into Plugsurfing’s network in the UK

This partnership between InstaVolt and Plugsurfing aims to enhance the overall customer experience, providing seamless access to the British company's public charging infrastructure.

In a significant move towards advancing electric vehicle charging accessibility, InstaVolt, the UK’s largest rapid EV charging network, has joined forces with Plugsurfing, the preferred charging platform for over a million drivers across more than 30 countries.

Under this strategic partnership, InstaVolt will integrate 1,380 of its nationwide charging points into Plugsurfing‘s extensive network, which currently boasts nearly 30,000 points in the UK and over 600,000 across Europe.

This collaboration aims to enhance the overall customer experience for both current and future InstaVolt users, facilitating seamless access to public charging infrastructure.

Plugsurfing provides EV drivers with a comprehensive digital platform for searching, accessing, and paying for charging, as well as planning routes throughout their journeys.

The integration offers a user-friendly and cohesive experience for charging and driving, granting access to one of the most extensive EV charging networks in the UK.

Customers using Plugsurfing can acquire a personalized charging card or key, streamlining payment processes at any affiliated charging station in Europe.

The platform also extends its services to car manufacturers and mobility providers, allowing them to offer their customers access to its network through branded white label services or tailor-made integrations via Drive API.

Adrian Keen, CEO of InstaVolt, expresses enthusiasm for the alignment of Plugsurfing’s ethos with their own mission to enhance the EV charging experience.

Keen states: “Our main goal is to make our chargers easily accessible to new and existing drivers, and it doesn’t get much simpler than accessing them through your car’s integrated navigation system or favourite apps.”

He adds: “The future success of the UK’s charging infrastructure is reliant on industry collaboration of this kind, and we look forward to supporting Plugsurfing as it further enhances its reach.”

The British company chargers are now available to drivers of prominent electric car manufacturers, including JLR, Renault, and Polestar, whose charging services are powered by Plugsurfing.

Tom Rowlands, CEO at Plugsurfing, emphasizes the platform’s commitment to simplifying EV charging for drivers.

He states: “Now that our drivers have access to one of the largest public charging networks in the UK, they can easily plan their journeys and pay for charging.”

Rowlands concludes: “Building our relationship with InstaVolt is an exciting development for us and our drivers as we strive to bring the best value to our drivers and partners.”

Plugsurfing, a part of Fleetcor, a leading global business payments company, is dedicated to developing world-class EV solutions for commercial fleet customers while enhancing consumer and mobility service solutions.

The collaboration between them marks a significant step forward in creating a robust and accessible EV charging infrastructure for the future.

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