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Date: November 23, 2023
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IZIVIA to Deploy Over 2,000 High-Power Charging Stations at McDonald’s in France

The IZIVIA Fast network will introduce more than 2,000 ultra-fast charging points, boasting power capacities ranging from 150 kW to 200 kW.
Izivia High-Power Charging Stations McDonald’s France

In a groundbreaking move to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, IZIVIA, in collaboration with Crédit Mutuel Impact and McDonald’s, is set to deploy an extensive network of ultra-fast charging stations in McDonald’s parking lots throughout France.

The IZIVIA Fast network will introduce more than 2,000 points, boasting power capacities ranging from 150 kW to 200 kW.

This cutting-edge infrastructure will enable users to reclaim an impressive 80% of their vehicle’s autonomy in just 20 minutes on average – providing an ideal opportunity to enjoy a leisurely coffee or a quick meal while the vehicle charges.

Key features of the initiative include:

  • Nationwide Accessibility: Over 700 stations are slated to be deployed across France by 2025, ensuring widespread availability of the charging service.
  • Attractive Pricing: IZIVIA aims to make electric vehicle charging affordable and appealing, contributing to the ongoing shift towards sustainable transportation.
  • Versatile Payment Options: The convenience of payment is prioritized, with users having the flexibility to pay through various means, including credit/debit cards, the IZIVIA Pass, cards from other operators, the IZIVIA app, or online payments.

This unprecedented project signifies a significant leap forward in supporting the growth of electric vehicles in France.

The addition of these 2,000 charging points represents a remarkable 25% increase in the existing fleet of ultra-fast charging stations, promising swift and widespread public access to electric vehicle charging.

“We aspire to make IZIVIA Fast the preferred ultra-fast charging network for the French people, with a dense network, optimal service quality, and attractive pricing,” declared the collaborators.

This initiative underscores a commitment to advancing sustainable transportation solutions with a focus on accessibility, affordability, and a seamless charging experience.

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