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Date: January 24, 2024
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Jema Energy is expanding throughout Europe and aims to launch an MCS solution in the short term

Jema Energy, present across the continent, especially in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy, provides Mobility Portal Group with a preview of its upcoming launch. Additionally, the company discusses the projects they are working on in Paris and Madrid.
Jema Energy MCS

The manufacturer of electric vehicle charging systems, Jema Energy, foresees the ongoing development of chargers in the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) category.

This standard will feature powers exceeding one megawatt and will meet specific requirements for fast charging, particularly tailored for trucks, “where we could even implement chargers of up to two megawatts.”

Jema expects the launch of this product in the short term, specifically designed for trucks and buses weighing over 12 tons.

Eduardo Segura, Key Account Manager of Jema Energy.
Eduardo Segura, Key Account Manager of Jema Energy.

Eduardo Segura, Key Account Manager for the company, shares these projections during the Ibero-American Electric and Sustainable Mobility Fair organized by Mobility Portal España and Mobility Portal Latinoamérica.

The MCS charger will offer multiple outputs allowing the simultaneous connection of several vehicles or supplying high power to a single unit.

Moreover, it will also incorporate hoses cooled by a liquid cooling system, enabling power levels exceeding 500 kilowatts and significantly reducing charging times.

It’s worth noting that the Spanish company Jema Energy stands out for being a firm where the entire manufacturing process of its products is European.

In this regard, they have their own laboratory to test all their equipment before launching it into the market.

Additionally, the company is a member of the CharIN association, actively collaborating in the development of the MCS standard.

Aligned with the trend towards designing batteries with greater capacity and faster chargers for heavy vehicles, the company has two lines.

SIGMA Series by Jema Energy.
SIGMA Series by Jema Energy.

The SIGMA series stands out as one of Jema Energy’s success stories.

It is the company’s most advanced charging system, specifically developed to meet market demands.

Its modular design, consisting of multiple internal modules, ensures higher performance, simple maintenance with minimal interventions, and significant modular possibilities.

Specially manufactured to meet the charging needs of electric buses and trucks, SIGMA has a power range between 60 and 540 kilowatts.

It offers various connection options with up to four DC outputs, allowing vehicle charging through hoses and/or pantographs.

This can be onboard the vehicle or inverted, providing flexibility in customer installations.

Looking ahead, Jema is developing the bidirectional SIGMA.

This initiative represents an innovation in the Spanish market, where the system enabling energy feedback from vehicles to the grid and vice versa has not yet been implemented on a large scale.

The company's most recent launch has been the GAMMA family.
The company’s most recent launch has been the GAMMA family.

Meanwhile, the company’s most recent launch has been the GAMMA family.

It is a pantograph charging system in which the modules and the pantograph itself are integrated into a single structure.

Thus, the entire charger and power electronics are integrated into the mast of the pantograph support structure or in the charging bell, in the case of a vehicle-mounted unit.

It offers an ideal design for projects with space limitations, especially suitable for situations like the electrification of bus fleets in municipalities.

One of the company’s most significant investments this year will be the Barcelona project, which includes the implementation of 41 GAMMA chargers.

“We expect the electrification of truck fleets on a larger scale to begin in 2024,” notes Segura.

Jema Energy Expands Across Europe

The company is present throughout the continent, especially in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

In Madrid, they will soon reach 300 installed charging points for the Municipal Transport Company (EMT).

There, they have both chargers belonging to the previous ECI family and the recent SIGMA range, equipped with hoses and inverted pantographs.

On the other hand, in Paris, they have carried out a comprehensive manufacturing and supply project covering the installation of over 140 chargers for the RATP company.

All these devices are direct charging with CS2 hoses, and some of them have dispensers installed remotely.

“We have a wide range of solutions and variants implemented throughout Europe,” says the Key Account Manager.

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