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Date: June 18, 2024
By Ailén Pedrotti

Juan José Figueruelo (INGETEAM): “The RAPID 420 will give us another push in the international market”

Juan José Figueruelo Hernández, International Sales Manager at INGETEAM, previews all the details surrounding the Spanish firm's latest launch for Mobility Portal Europe. He also extends a direct invitation to the eMobility sector for its presentation on 19th June during Power2Drive.
Juan José Figueruelo Hernández, International Sales Manager at INGETEAM.

An exciting week begins for INGETEAM as the countdown continues towards the launch of RAPID 420.

Ingeteam RAPID 420.

This Wednesday, 19th June, the company will present its product for the first time to the eMobility sector at the Power2Drive fair in Munich, Germany.

The event will take place at stand B6.420 at 11:00 AM (CET).

Attendance can be in person, and there will also be a livestream via Mobility Portal Europe’s social media channels.

On this occasion, Juan José Figueruelo Hernández, International Sales Manager of the Spanish firm, engages in a one-on-one with the portal, where the latest developments take centre stage.

Below is the full interview:

What does INGETEAM have in store for this new edition of Power2Drive?

The main highlight is the official launch of the RAPID 420, a product that will allow us to complete our range of high-power continuous charging equipment.

What details can you reveal to us?

This model targets a specific market niche, also determined by European regulations, which require a 350-kilowatt charging point every 60 kilometres.

The objectives for this equipment include improving modularity, optimising power distribution, innovating in cable management, and offering a larger screen with a QR code, following market trends.

How are you preparing for the fair?

This year we will have two stands: one at Intersolar with 256 square metres and another at Power2Drive with 160 square metres.

At the latter, our entire sales team will be present, not only from Spain but also from France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Will the focus be solely on the RAPID 420?

At the fair, we will present our entire current range, including the AC 22 kilowatts (kW), RAPID 60, RAPID 180 models, and the new RAPID 420.

Additionally, we will mention our dynamic power management systems.

This is a key moment for the company, isn’t it?

We are in the midst of expansion, with increased turnover this year due to the increase in human resources and new products.

The RAPID 420 is one of the key elements that will give us a push in the international market.

We are also concluding new certifications.

Is INGETEAM focusing on any particular market?

Our main focuses are Europe and the United States.

However, within Europe, we highlight France, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

Are there emerging countries in your sights?

We are seeing growth in non-EU European countries, the Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America.

Can you specifically discuss the role of the United States in your corporate strategy?

We have an existing factory in Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) with personnel stationed there.

This factory will now be complemented by the eMobility division, for which we have certified our fast-charging equipment with the UL standard and comply with “Made in America,” requiring 55 per cent of components to be sourced from the local market.

We are repatriating technical and software personnel to start this project and develop the American market.

What are the production targets for 2024?

We have expanded our factory in Sesma, and with a single production shift, we will produce over 20,000 units per year, manufacturing several hundred units per week.

This includes not only chargers but also other components such as inverters and wind equipment from other divisions.

Are there challenges surrounding your “made in Spain” status and the strong local competition currently?

We design and manufacture our own products and work with local suppliers.

Our expertise lies in power electronics, and we develop our own power modules.

We have significant manufacturing capacity and very short delivery times.

With a presence in 22 countries, we offer strong service and commercial resources.

Ingeteam is a reliable partner with over 50 years in the market, a highly qualified team, and professionals with high production objectives and capacity.

And innovation is a key component when it comes to positioning, isn’t it?

Indeed, Ingeteam invests five per cent of its turnover in Research and Development (R&D), and we are building a new facility with laboratories and testing bays.

What will be the focus of work for these spaces?

We will test trucks and buses, developing systems such as the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) and power modules that can inject into the grid.

We are also working on integration with batteries and solar inverters, offering complete solutions to our clients.

What are the prospects for the MCS standard?

The MCS standard will be defined by the end of this year, but it is still too early to launch such a charger until the protocol is fully defined.

We expect to have something next year, but this year is too early to invest significant resources in this without a clear standard definition and with few vehicles available for testing.

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