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Date: September 20, 2023
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Juice Technology unveils market’s smallest 11kW portable charging station

According to Juice Technology, this device is smaller in physical size but more substantial in terms of software capabilities. Mobility Portal Europe presents the details.
Juice Technology JuiceBooster

Juice Technology, one of the leading multinational companies specializing in electric vehicle charging solutions, introduced Juice Booster 3 air in Spain, their new flagship in the portable charging station category.

According to the company, this device is smaller in physical size but more substantial in terms of software capabilities.

This “on-the-go” wallbox, which simplifies the charging process and enables vehicle charging wherever there is a domestic or industrial power outlet, stands out as the smallest 11-kilowatt portable charging station on the market, measuring just 21 cm in length by 5 cm in width.

Furthermore, it distinguishes itself for its universality: it features the patented Juice Connector system, recognizing 30 adapters for power outlets, automatically adjusting the charging management.

This ensures its functionality in any circumstances, regardless of the characteristics of the charging point.

Juice Booster 3 air is presented as a "7-in-1" solution.
Juice Booster 3 air is presented as a “7-in-1” solution.

Juice Booster 3: A “7-in-1” Device

This portable equipment marks the debut of the first device in the j+ series, through which the company aims to create an intelligently interconnected ecosystem of charging solutions.

It features user-friendly and intelligent firmware that is compatible with other j+ charging stations.

Juice Booster 3 air is presented as a “7-in-1” solution: it serves as a wallbox, portable charging station, and charging cable; it offers activation, monitoring, and control of charging processes; and it provides dynamic load management for up to 10 devices.

All of these functions can be controlled using the Juice Technology universal app: j+ pilot.

The device’s control panel, Juice Controller, specially developed for this equipment, includes a programmable key and an integrated RFID reader.

Security and Quality: Two Key Features of Juice Booster 3 air

This portable charging station inherits the safety features already present in its predecessor, Juice Booster 2.

It is completely waterproof and dustproof, even submersible.

Despite its compact size, it can withstand loads of up to 3 tons per wheel and can be used without issues in extreme temperatures ranging from -30 to 50 degrees Celsius.

It can detect more than 10 different types of faults, and any fault notification is displayed directly on its LED screen.

It also recognizes external faults. For example, if the power outlet is wired incorrectly (indicated as a “wiring fault”) or if the vehicle consumes more current than allowed (indicated as an “overload fault”), the device detects it and immediately rejects or interrupts the charging process.

The patented temperature control system, Juice Celsius, provides added safety when charging from domestic power outlets.

The sensor integrated into the domestic adapter (Schuko, T12/T13, type L, and type G) detects when the plug pins become too hot, automatically halting the charging process.

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