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Date: April 11, 2024
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Kempower revolutionizes the charging of eTrucks with its latest release of over 1 MW

A few months after announcing the development of the MCS last October, Kempower has opened orders in Europe for its new product aimed at enhancing the charging of electric heavy-duty vehicles. When are the first deliveries expected to take place?
Kempower MCS

Currently, trucks and large vehicles are responsible for around 25 per cent of the CO2 emissions generated by road transport in the European Union (EU).

In response to this situation, technological advancement is proving that the electrification of heavy vehicles is feasible and closer than anticipated.

That is why Kempower has decided to focus on this sector and has been working on the development of high-power charging systems in recent months.

Kempower’s Megawatt Charging System for eTrucks.

“We have invested in our facilities to build the high-power systems of the future,” the company detailed at the Nordic EV Summit, where Mobility Portal Europe was present.

The aim of this innovation is to enable drivers to recharge eTrucks during their mandatory breaks at optimal times, which will be possible thanks to Kempower’s Megawatt Charging System (MCS).

This is the next-generation eTruck charging solution for powers exceeding 1 MW.

With this development, they aim to be part of the solution to the challenges of electrifying heavy vehicles to meet the EU’s decarbonization goals, as well as compliance with the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR).

“We all know that logistics companies are pressed for time, and we need to ensure that trucks keep rolling,” they stated during the announcement.

Especially considering that a driver who has been driving for four and a half hours must take an uninterrupted 45-minute break.

Additionally, EU regulations allow for a split pause of 45 minutes with the obligation to take the second part of the rest period for at least 30 minutes.

Based on the company’s cutting-edge technology, the first version of the Megawatt charging solution boasts a maximum power of 1500 amperes (A), 1.2 MW, and a Kempower Mega Satellite.

This ensures maximum compatibility in the form of a high-power CCS plug or MCS plug, while unused energy can be distributed among several outlets through dynamic power sharing.

This flexibility is crucial, as the company states that brief high-power overvoltages are required during en-route charging, necessitating a dual strategy with MCS and high-power CCS plugs.

The coexistence of these high powers in the ecosystem is inevitable for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturers to drive the transition towards emissions-free road transport.

It is worth noting that customers with the latest technology from the Finnish company can upgrade their existing systems to MCS by combining two Kempower 600-kilowatt (kW) power units.

The design of this system is optimized to make the most of space, which is crucial for truck recharging.

Kempower’s presentation during the Nordic EV Summit.

“We are proud to present a product with which we are driving clean transportation. Tomorrow’s transportation is here today,” they pointed out during the presentation.

Kempower’s Megawatt charging system is already open for orders in Europe and will begin delivering the product from the first quarter of this year.

It has already secured a significant order as a charging infrastructure provider for Milence, the charging joint venture between Daimler Truck, Traton, and Volvo Group.

The three manufacturers aim to establish a fast-charging network for heavy commercial vehicles in Europe, initially with CCS and then with MCS.

The goal is to install 1,700 points by the end of 2027, initially with satellite charging systems with CCS and 400 kilowatts of power.

“For us, high power means that we are firm believers in megawatt charging,” a representative from Volvo Group stated during the Nordic EV Summit.

In turn, Kempower has closed agreements to offer charging solutions to renowned companies such as Scania and TSG.

About Kempower

Kempower designs and manufactures reliable and user-friendly DC fast charging solutions for electric vehicles.

The development and production of the products take place in Finland and the United States, with most materials and components sourced locally.

The company focuses on all areas of eMobility, from cars, trucks, and buses to special machinery and vessels.

Its modular and scalable charging system, as well as its world-class software, are designed by electric car drivers, providing the best user experience to its customers worldwide.

We are experts in innovation. Through our workforce of over 700 professionals, we have developed disruptive charging solutions that we have delivered to more than 50 countries,” they highlight from the company.

Kempower is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland.

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