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Date: August 30, 2023
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Kempower obtains Eichrecht certification to offer fast chargers in Germany and Austria

The provider has obtained Eichrecht certification, allowing them to offer their fast chargers for public charging in Germany and Austria. What is the main differentiating factor of Kempower's products?
kempower ev chargers
Kempower offers one of the fastest electric vehicle charging solutions in the market.

Kempower, the provider of fast chargers for electric vehicles, has obtained Eichrecht certification, enabling the company to offer its products for public charging in Germany and Austria.

Jussi Vanhanen, the Chief Market Officer at Kempower.
Jussi Vanhanen, the Chief Market Officer at Kempower.

Regarding this, Jussi Vanhanen, the Chief Market Officer at Kempower, stated, “This enhances consumer protection and ensures a transparent and reliable experience.”

“Thanks to the certificate, electric vehicle drivers can be confident that they are paying the correct amount of energy when using our solutions,” he added.

Eichrecht is a German and Austrian calibration law that demands all components involved in energy collection and processing to operate in a reliable and transparent manner.

It was developed to offer transparency to the end-user, enhance consumer protection, and enable energy sales based on kWh.

“Instead of focusing solely on products, at the company, we adopt a holistic approach to solutions and systems,” said Vanhanen.

“We are a team of electric vehicle enthusiasts and consider the entire charging experience from the driver’s perspective,” he added.

It’s worth mentioning that the certificate, granted by the certification body NMi, covers the Kempower company’s Satellite Charging System (including Kempower Satellite and Kempower Power Unit).

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What is the main differentiating factor of Kempower’s chargers?

The company offers one of the fastest electric vehicle charging solutions in the market, prioritizing user experience, scalability, and reliability, with a station uptime of over 99%.

The Kempower Satellite charging system is designed in a distributed manner, with independent Kempower energy units and Kempower Satellite charging points, which can be placed up to 80 meters away from the energy units.

This system can be easily installed in limited spaces.

Moreover, its innovative cable management solution makes equipment handling effortless and hassle-free for users.

The dynamic charging feature of the products allows sharing the charging capacity of the station among electric vehicles and optimizes the charging curves.

It also enables equipment to make the most of higher voltage batteries, resulting in even faster charging times for customers and minimizing wait times at the station.

These and many other features are enabled by the exclusive Kempower ChargEye software.

More Charging Points in Germany

By 2023, the German government plans to have 15 million electric passenger vehicles on its roads, all in an effort to curb the high greenhouse gas emissions generated by the transportation sector.

However, the lack of available reliable charging points is one of the major challenges when it comes to achieving this goal.

To address this, in late 2022, the German government announced a charging infrastructure master plan.

This program would involve installing one million charging points across the country by the end of the decade.

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