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Date: July 8, 2024
Khons Circles the Globe: eMobility charger package and detailed expansion strategy
By Lucía Colaluce

Khons Circles the Globe: eMobility charger package and detailed expansion strategy

Spanning across continents including Europe, North America, Asia, and beyond, Khons vows to redefine market standards. Below, Andy Hsu unveils what sets the company apart from its competitors.
Chengdu Khons Power2Drive
KHONS booth at Power2Dive, Munich.

Day by day, Chinese enterprises solidify their reputation as leaders in introducing cutting-edge technology to the global market through constant innovation and strategic vision.

Such is the case for Chengdu Khons, an Asian manufacturer of high-tech electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment, offering users three lines of chargers, with portable charging units as the flagship product, along with the wallbox.

It is noteworthy that Khons, a renowned brand from China, is the first manufacturer to launch an adjustable mobile EV charger, both single-phase and three-phase.

Khon’s three-phase portable charger.

These devices have surpassed more than 27 tests and inspections, including waterproof tests, ultra-low temperature tests, roller compaction, UV aging, and functional tests.

Currently, the company plans to continue expanding its operations in various markets across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, and other regions.

According to Andy Hsu, the company’s Foreign Sales Specialist, most sales occur in Europe and America.

Indeed, Khons’ market share is primarily distributed as follows: Norway (12 per cent), USA (11 per cent), Germany (10 per cent), Middle East (10 per cent), Canada (8 per cent), and Australia (8 per cent).

Following closely are Sweden (7 per cent), Asia (7 per cent), Switzerland (5 per cent), United Kingdom (5 per cent), and Italy (4 per cent).

That’s why they showcase their product portfolio at the Power2Drive event, the international fair for electric mobility and charging infrastructure held in Munich, where around 400 exhibitors were introduced.

Andy Hsu, Foreign Sales Specialist at Khons.

“It’s a prominent stage for companies, especially those from China, allowing us to connect globally. We’re here not only to attract new customers but also to stay updated on market trends,” Hsu told Mobility Portal Europe’s team.

Facing intense competition in a rapidly evolving market, the executive emphasizes the importance of “keeping up with trade trends and attracting more visitors through participation in exhibitions.”

The company’s customer base is diverse, encompassing both businesses and end users, effectively covering the entire market.

Moreover, under the motto “Time is Money,” Khons guarantees a monthly production capacity of 2,000 sets of products. It also stands out for its commitment to fast delivery times: sample orders are shipped within a day, while bulk orders can be dispatched within a maximum of ten days.

Behind Khons’ products for the Global Market 

With over eight years focusing on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVSE), the company’s professional team is dedicated to providing strategic procurement services and product solutions for the foreign market.

Their articles consist of 302 pieces that have gone through 71 processes of planning, design, precision machining, and production, followed by 48-hour aging experiments. Additionally, each accessory undergoes inspection by 28 technicians, resulting in the most cost-effective artifacts in the market.

Khons’ technical team includes five doctors, four of whom graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University, globally recognized for its high-speed train projects. 

Moreover, the equipment is certified by renowned entities such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (TUV), European Conformity (CE), and Restriction of (the use of certain) Hazardous Substances (ROHS), ensuring quality and safety standards.

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