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Date: February 27, 2024
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The Norwegian CPO, Kople, chooses the Driivz platform to ensure an enhanced charging experience

The firm will migrate its network of over 7,000 EV charging points, both public and private, to the Driivz platform. Kople selected Driivz due to the technical maturity of the platform, the uptime of industry-leading chargers, and its extensive network management and business operations capabilities.
Kople Norway

Kople, one of Norway’s largest Charging Point Operators (CPOs), will migrate its network of over 7000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points, both public and private, to the Driivz platform.

Following a competitive request for proposal process, the firm selected Driivz due to the technical maturity of the platform, leading charger uptime in the industry, and its extensive network management and business operations capabilities.

“Our mission is to meet Norway’s growing need for high-quality and easy-to-use EV charging with facilities that provide our hallmark seamless charging experience,” says Joar Brunes, CEO of Kople, noting that 25 per cent of passenger vehicles currently on Norway’s roads are electric.

He continues: “The Driivz technology will help us deliver an even higher level of service quality to EV drivers and our partners as we continue to scale our business and add new technological solutions as soon as they are ready for use.”

The solution includes integrated software modules for network operations and charging points, electric vehicle charging billing, and, for future use, intelligent energy management.

Self-service tools for drivers include a white-label mobile app offering real-time charger location and availability, allowing for reservations, supporting multiple payment options, and faster issue reporting.

Kople will use the Driivz InSite module to provide management tools, reporting, and driver assistance to its business customers.

The operations management module monitors charger status 24/7 and proactively resolves up to 80 percent of operational issues using self-healing algorithms, enabling industry-leading charger availability levels to meet Kople’s service excellence goals.

Compatibility with multiple payment options, along with built-in integrations for platform and OCPI-based roaming, allow Kople to make charging easily available for everyone.

In addition to the growing public network of its own chargers, the firm builds and operates charging facilities on behalf of many public and private partners, including municipalities, businesses, and utility companies.

The robust EV billing features of the Driivz platform were another key factor behind Kople’s choice.

The billing module simplifies financial complexity by providing automated monthly reconciliation by business partners, hassle-free public billing for fleet drivers, and simple payment processing.

“We are delighted to partner with Kople to provide excellent service to the growing population of electric vehicle drivers in Norway and support the expansion of this innovative company in Norway and the Nordic countries,” said Andrew Bennett, CEO of EVolve.

“We share Kople’s passion for continually improving the EV driver charging experience and promoting electrification to make the world a little greener.”

About Kople

The company, based in Hønefoss, is a Norwegian charging point operator, owned by Cube Infrastructure Managers and Ringerikskraft.

Cube Infrastructure Managers is an independent infrastructure investment manager, and Ringerikskraft is an energy company located in Hønefoss.

The firm builds and operates electric vehicle charging sites equipped with DC (rapid and ultra-rapid) and AC chargers, working with site owners throughout the journey, from planning to financing, assembly, operation, and support.

Kople also builds and operates charging solutions for companies with fleets of electric cars and trucks.

About Driivz

Driivz, a Vontier company and part of its EVolve electric mobility portfolio, is a leading global software provider for EV charging operators and service providers, accelerating the dynamic and continuous transformation of the plug-in electric vehicle industry.

The company’s intelligent cloud-based platform encompasses EV charging operations, energy management, advanced billing capabilities, and self-service tools for drivers.

Driivz’s electric vehicle experts serve clients in over 30 countries, including global industry players such as Shell, Volvo Group, EVgo, Centrica, Circle K, Recharge, St1, ElaadNL, ESB, Mer, Francis Energy, Ennet Corporation, and eMobility Power.

The Driivz platform currently manages tens of thousands of public chargers (hundreds of thousands in roaming) and hundreds of millions of events for millions of electric vehicle drivers across North America, Europe, and APAC.

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Source: GlobeNewswire

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