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Date: April 30, 2024
Kverneland Energi unveils ambitious project: to build a 2 MW charger for HEDV
By Lucía Colaluce

Kverneland Energi unveils ambitious project: to build a 2 MW charger for HEDV

The company, a provider of fast charging for heavy-duty electric vehicles, is innovating in new technologies as the transition progresses. What is Kverneland Energi's current offering and what are its upcoming projects?
Kverneland Energi
Torbjørn Kverneland, Sales Manager, and Sofie-Amalie Høxbroe Sandstøl, marketing manager.

With an increasing number of Heavy Electric Duty Vehicles (HEDVs) hitting the European roads, the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) is here to stay. And Kverneland Energi is not lagging behind.

“We are building a two-megawatt charger. It’s our first major project in this field,” reveals Torbjørn Kverneland, Sales Manager of the firm, in conversation with Mobility Portal Europe.

It’s worth mentioning that the MCS is a necessary innovation for the industry, as it allows vehicles to complete their charging in a considerably short time.

This feature is crucial as HEDV drivers are allowed to take a split break of just 45 minutes according to European Union (EU) regulations.

All these benefits foster the transition of heavy vehicles towards electromobility, enabling countries to meet their carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction targets.

This is significant as HEDVs are responsible for around 25 percent of CO2 emissions generated by road transport in Europe.

What other products does Kverneland Energi offer?

Kverneland Energi charger.
Kverneland Energi charger.

During the Nordic EV Summit, considered Europe’s most important conference and meeting on electric mobility, representatives of the company showcased other products, such as a charger for heavy-duty vehicles.

The company has been able to identify that the electrification of machinery and equipment in the construction industry has created a growing need for efficient charging infrastructure.

Kverneland Energi has also been able to put this into practice.

For example, to address these challenges, they have provided solar power to their customers and have delivered solar panels, a battery bank, and chargers to a tax office in Stavanger.

Here, solar energy is stored in the battery, enabling access to sufficient power during fast charging.

It’s worth mentioning that one of the recently launched teams is the mobile Lightning KE Thor.

Developed for electric excavators, the KE Thor allows to recharge “during lunchtime”, with a battery capacity of 240 kilowatts and a power output of 240 kilowatts, thus minimizing downtime.

Thor functions as a powerbank at building sites where there is no or insufficient power available from the grid.

The battery bank provides access to up to 55 kilowatts and 400 volts, addressing the inconvenience of lack of electricity on construction sites.

Additionally, they created the KE Freya and KE Odin which contain various charging capacities to meet different electricity needs on each construction site.

In the future, the company plans to expand internationally, although they must “compete with other major players in the market and overcome resistance to electric heavy-duty transportation technology,” as marketing manager Sofie-Amalie Høxbroe Sandstøl points out.

However, she acknowledges: “The market is growing, so we are confident that we can make a significant contribution in this area”.

About Kverneland Energi

The Norwegian company based in Klepp, Rogaland, focuses primarily on developing technology that increases renewable energy production and reduces the use of fossil fuels.

Kverneland Energi’s energy systems and products can be used across various industries and can be adapted and combined in different ways.

Primary customers come from the fields of contractors, industries, agriculture, the public sector, and aquaculture.

In addition to mobile lightning charging, they provide users with solar cells, battery systems, and management solutions to plan and manage energy consumption.

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