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Date: May 6, 2024
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Le Maire: “BYD and the Chinese auto industry are welcome in France”

While the European Union attempts to "halt" the progress of Chinese automakers, France welcomes them. What did the French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, say?
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France would welcome China’s electric vehicle giant BYD if the company should it decide wanted to open a factory in France, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Monday.

“France welcomes all industrial projects. BYD and the Chinese auto industry are very welcome in France,” Le Maire stated at a meeting with car sector executives.

Le Maire spoke as China’s President Xi Jinping was on a rare state visit in Paris.

It’s worth remembering that the Commission has begun an investigation to determine whether to impose tariffs on exports to protect European car makers.

It is due to conclude by November, although the EU executive could impose provisional duties earlier.

The Commission has said China’s share of EVs sold in Europe could reach 15 per cent of the market in 2025, based on their price discount compared with battery-powered cars made in Europe.

China has contested the claim that its EV industry has boomed because of subsidies and called the EU inquiry “protectionist“.

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