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Date: September 23, 2022
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Livall: Smart Helmets Ensure Safety for Micromobility

Mobility solutions go hand in hand with safety, and that's where this startup, founded in 2019, is focused. They are now launching one of their most innovative products for motorcycles.
Livall, Smart Helmets Ensure Safety for Micromobility
The helmets have an emergency notification function that activates automatically.

Helmet safety is advancing by leaps and bounds to ensure seamless riding for micromobility users.

The latest addition to the market comes from Livall, a startup founded and led by Manuel Marín, which introduced a smart helmet for scooters and bicycles in early 2019.

Now, they are making their way into the motorcycle industry with a new product, the MC1 Range, a carbon fiber and expanded polystyrene helmet that aims to make an impact in the market.

“We focus on the concept of preventive safety, which is nothing more than incorporating all the technology that a car has into a helmet,” says Marín to Portal Movilidad España.

How do they do it? Livall helmets come with features such as directional lights, a safety system that alerts emergency services in case of a potential fall, and Bluetooth connectivity, among others.

Livall is a startup founded in 2014 that has been dedicated to selling smart helmets for scooters and bicycles, but now aims to enter the motorcycle helmet market.

To develop it, the company has required up to 8 years of work, during which they have continuously worked on new proposals and technologies, resulting in up to 170 patents along the way.

“We understood that mobility within cities is a very interesting movement. It is known to be eco-friendly, but it was of no use if it wasn’t safe,” adds the founder of Livall.

The new MC1 Range is a full-face helmet weighing 1,400 grams, made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) that forms its interior.

This material not only provides protection against impacts by absorbing part of the energy in a collision but also serves as an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator.

Technologically, it stands out for incorporating a 4K definition camera in the front with a 120º angle, allowing the rider to record what happens during their ride.

This solution also serves as evidence in accident cases in other parts of the world or, in extreme cases, acts as a black box.

For this purpose, it has an internal memory of up to 32GB, allowing for up to 60 hours of video recording. Additionally, the camera features a light sensor to automatically adjust brightness at all times.

“If you enjoy spending time and getting lost in the mountains, and if one day you get lost, you should know that you can press the button on the Livall,” says Marín jokingly to introduce their safety system.

One of the standout technologies is their fall alert system, a device that will send a message to the contact designated by the user in case of an accident, along with the user’s geolocation, allowing for remote notification of emergency services.

Additionally, there is a Bluetooth intercom with a range of up to 1,200 meters, wind noise reduction, hands-free control, and the possibility of a Walkie-Talkie function.

Furthermore, as already included in their scooter and bicycle helmets, it features a 360º lighting system that alerts other drivers to the intended maneuvers (braking or turning), adding an extra level of safety to the vehicle’s brake and turn signals.

To power all these electronic devices, it has a removable 2,000mAh lithium battery with up to eight hours of autonomy at full operation, as specified by the brand. All these functions can be controlled from a touch-sensitive panel on the side of the helmet.

Its arrival in Europe is expected in a few months, specifically in December.

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