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Date: November 9, 2023
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Livoltek warns about the need to “unify charging apps” for electric cars

In a conversation with Mobility Portal Group, Fernando Granell Navarro, Country Manager of Livoltek, emphasizes the importance of interoperability at charging points and shares the company's latest updates.

The deployment of charging infrastructure continues to experience significant growth every month, although it has not yet reached the established goals.

Livoltek warns that one of the main challenges facing electric vehicle users is the “wide variety of apps that need to be downloaded” for charging points.

To ensure the availability of a wide range of stations, “achieving some level of integration would be ideal.”

“At least when it comes to public charging station management apps,” says Fernando Granell Navarro, Country Manager of the company, exclusively for Mobility Portal Group.

As for Livoltek, the company maintains a constant focus on the innovation of its chargers.

In collaboration with CPOs (Charge Point Operators), they are working to enable their customers to manage charging through their apps.

Currently, users have the option to do so through the Livoltek mobile app and website.

With high-quality products at affordable prices, the company offers excellent compatibility with the rest of their equipment, “when installed together.”

And fully automated management.

The Livoltek Smart AC EV intelligent charger is available in single-phase versions of 7.3 kW and three-phase versions of 11 and 22 kW, designed for wall and pole installation.

The Livoltek DC EV intelligent solar unit is designed for fast charging scenarios and power supply, offering a power of 120 kW.

As the Country Manager anticipates, they plan to expand its capacity to 160 kW by the first half of 2024.

Each of the devices includes the Dynamic Load Management function.

This allows for self-regulation of electric vehicle charging with other household consumption, not to exceed the contracted power.

They also communicate with the inverter to take advantage of surplus solar production in many cases to charge the vehicle.

“These products are primarily designed for individual or residential consumers, although we also offer an option for installation in public places through CPOs,” he indicates.

With the aim of contributing to the transition to electric mobility, Granell Navarro emphasizes that there is a significant deployment taking place in Spain, “but it is light-years away from what is needed.”

“It is essential to promote and instill confidence in this field so that users can be assured of having options to recharge their vehicles on long journeys,” he explains.

Not only that, but he also underscores the importance of streamlining extensive bureaucratic procedures, especially at redistribution access points.

Although Livoltek’s business model is not directly tied to this aspect, it indirectly affects the expansion of the network infrastructure and the delivery of their equipment.

“To carry out any dealings with the distribution company, a high level of motivation and patience is required,” he insists.

A model to consider could be that of Portugal, where the procedures are more regulated and not dependent on the “distributor of the moment, of which there are several in Spain.”

“When it comes to the implementation of charger management systems, all unification and standardization are welcome,” says the Country Manager.

About Livoltek

Livoltek, a member of the Hexing Group, stands out as one of the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic products and service providers worldwide.

In their extensive product range, they include inverters, batteries, and electric vehicle chargers.

Within the European continent, the company already has a presence in Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Romania, and they are looking to expand further.

“We are a company with a firm and clear strategy to continually increase our market share in Western Europe,” states Granell Navarro.

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