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Date: January 8, 2024
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Meep aspires to secure new Maas tenders in Portugal and become the leader solution for the south of EU

After a successful 2023, Meep outlines its roadmap for 2024, which includes its expansion into key countries such as Hungary, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Below, Mobility Portal Europe details all the upcoming projects of the company.
Guillermo Campoamor, CEO and founder of Meep.
Guillermo Campoamor, CEO and founder of Meep.

One of Meep‘s primary objectives for the year 2024 is to secure the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) tender, which is expected to be launched by Comboios, Portugal’s main railway operator.

“We have currently submitted the Request for Information (RFI) to offer our service nationwide,” anticipates Guillermo Campoamor, CEO of the company, to Mobility Portal Europe

If selected, they would provide a software solution through an application that allows the current train operator’s app to plan, book and pay several modes of transport with other services.

This aligns with Meep’s business model, focused on developing digital solutions that integrate and connect various transportation services, creating ecosystems for sustainable and connected mobility.

“Fundamentally, these are applications for public transport, cities, and major transportation operators,” explains the company’s founder. 

To achieve this, they regularly participate in public procurement processes, applying for competitions related to services, data analysis, and topics related to tourism, all within the realm of mobility.

Meep offers a foundational solution adaptable to each locality or client, followed by the payment of a license for usage, maintenance, and improvements. 

“It’s a business model halfway between Software as a Service (SaaS) and a technological services integrator,” assures Campoamor.

The company not only develops technology but also serves as the driving force behind a more humane and intelligent mobility

They unify, analyze, and optimize transportation services, providing companies and cities with the data and intelligence tools needed for more efficient and sustainable journeys for everyone.

A notable example is their collaboration with ALSA

Mobi4U: Meep’s app for ALSA.

Meep develops the Mobi4U application, a connected mobility platform that consolidates all the services offered by the company in one place. 

Simultaneously, they expand their digital connectivity capabilities in various cities across multiple countries.

In this context, the Spanish firm, dedicated to passenger road transport, recently won a bid to provide bus services in the metropolitan area of Oporto.

Consequently, Meep will “integrate ALSA’s Portugal offerings into the app, likely this year.”

Challenges in the Portuguese market

Currently, Meep operates in Lisbon in testing mode, identifying the need for significant investments in technology and mobility digitization, especially to connect all public and shared transportation with parking and charging points.

The goal is to establish an unified channel allowing people to check the location of electric vehicle chargers, navigate to parking spaces, and access other services. 

In this regard, Meep offers a new solution for users to recharge their EVs by parking and continuing to use other mobility services.

To leverage this option, the driver must have the MaaS App. 

Thus, the company takes care of coordinating with parking facilities equipped with chargers and verifying the presence of a vehicle license plate reader to automatically identify users of the application.

These data are linked automatically, and subsequently, Meep provides recommendations on the best way to navigate from that point while the car is recharging.

This range of options may include using public transportation or rental services. 

“It’s a very interesting case that should take off in Portugal,” notes Campoamor.

Meep focuses on the European eMobility market 

The Spanish company, which originated in a coworking space, has set out to make an international leap in search of new markets and contracts for the second half of 2023.

Meep’s MaaS solution.

In this context, they have successfully introduced their digital mobility solutions in Ajka, Hungary.

Moreover, they have dedicated the year to exploring new business opportunities, highlighting the MaaS4Italy project in Italy and the Mobile Transport Platform plan in the Essex region, United Kingdom. 

As the CEO reveals, they are working to reestablish their presence in the UK with some existing players.

Regarding Italy, Campoamor emphasizes that “it presents itself as a very interesting market for mobility as a service.” 

They are currently collaborating with a local partner, although no specific projects have been finalized in this country, but all within the frame of MaaS4Italy program.

In their seven years of existence, the company has connected 170 operators, bringing connected digital mobility to 25 cities in seven countries, including Malta, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Morocco and Mexico.

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