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Date: March 26, 2024
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Mexico is betting on bidirectional charging with Siemens and Ford innovation during 2024

This collaboration between Siemens and Ford promises to transform the way electric mobility is perceived and used, opening the doors to a new era of sustainability and efficiency.
Mexico bidirectional charging Siemens

In 2024, a revolutionary bidirectional charger, identified as the Ford Charge Station Pro, will arrive in Mexico.

It will be the result of a partnership between Siemens Mexico and Ford.

“It seems like a significant step; we are still discussing standardisation issues, but we are also talking about vehicle-to-grid charging,” says Horacio Ramos, Head of eMobility at Siemens Mexico, at the Mobility Portal Summit.

This innovation, set to arrive in the region by mid-year, highlights the transformative potential of bidirectional technology for standardisation and interoperability in the Mexican electric mobility sector.

The invention was initially in the United States, but now it’s Mexico’s turn as the first chargers will begin to be installed.

However, before the project hits the market, it needs to undergo a series of tests, which are already underway.

“The tests are going well. We hope that after this stage, we will have all the necessary certifications,” comments the Head of Mobility at Siemens.

Another objective involves analysing how this device performs compared to those already existing in the country, in order to subsequently market it to other regions.

“It’s important to stay at the forefront of technology. That’s why Siemens aims to adapt its products to the increasingly growing needs,” admits Ramos.

It’s worth noting that bidirectional chargers offer multiple benefits.

“Along with Ford, Siemens is not only helping to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the residential space but is also empowering drivers to take more ownership of their energy future,” explains John DeBoer, the company’s director in North America.

“The technology behind this charger is making home charging more sustainable, reliable, and accessible.”

Additionally, he adds, “We are incredibly proud to put our expertise to work to help usher in a new era for electric vehicles and grid resilience.”

Siemens Mexico expands its horizons in 2024

The company specialising in energy and charging infrastructure plans, in addition to the Ford Charge Station Pro, two other major projects with a positive impact on Mexican electric mobility.

Firstly, another advancement planned for 2024 is the Sicharge-D charger.

It has a key feature: its scalability. This means it can start charging at a particular power and increase it gradually. It also has a range of up to 300 kW DC.

This energy source was a “phenomenon” in Europe, and consequently, the arrival of the device will be a significant step for the company.

Among some general features, with the Sicharge-D, it is possible to increase the number of charging points by adding its dispenser to improve availability and allow the simultaneous charging of several vehicles.

While the exact presentation date will depend on “compliance with standards”, the idea is for it to be available by the end of the first semester.

For the company, one of the main challenges when investing in electric mobility in Mexico is the charging industry, especially because it is unknown whether most stations are active or not.

“Siemens’ philosophy becomes important from the perspective of digitalisation. It is crucial to have equipment that connects to the cloud and provides us with information,” assures Ramos.

With nearly two centuries of experience in electrifying infrastructures, the company demonstrates its readiness to lead the electric mobility revolution in Mexico.

On the other hand, the successful deployment of eMobility technologies in the United States also showcases this company’s ability to offer reliable and scalable solutions worldwide.

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