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Date: August 9, 2023
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MG Motor Innovates with 77 kWh Battery for Increased Range

MG Motor has introduced the new Extended Range variant for its electric model, the MG4. This model features a battery that enables a WLTP range of 520 kilometers (323 miles). How much does this vehicle cost?
MG Motor Innovates with 77 kWh Battery for Increased Range.
According to MG Motor, it takes 39 minutes with a fast charger to charge the battery from 10% to 80%.

MG Motor has unveiled the new Extended Range variant for its electric model, the MG4, becoming the first to offer over 500 kilometers of WLTP range.

Currently, the MG4 Extended Range is only available in the United Kingdom.

However, it is likely to be offered in other European countries at a later date.

The added range is made possible by a larger battery with a capacity of 77 kWh, providing a WLTP range of 520 kilometers (323 miles).

According to MG Motor, it takes 39 minutes with a fast charger to charge the battery from 10% to 80%.

This corresponds to an average charging power of 83 kW. MG does not mention the maximum charging power in the announcement.

The new variant also boasts a more powerful motor with a power output of 184 kW, reducing the 0 to 100 km/h sprint time to 6.5 seconds.

As customary with SAIC’s Modular Scalable Platform (MSP), this is a rear-mounted motor.

Only the high-end MG4 XPower model (launched in July) features a second electric motor on the front axle for a total output of 320 kW and all-wheel drive.

However, the MG4 XPower is only available with the 64 kWh battery for a range of 385 kilometers.

What’s the price of the MG4 Extended Range?

Prices in the UK for the new MG4 Extended Range start at £36,495 (approximately €42,450).

Currently, there are four propulsion variants: the Standard Range model uses a 51 kWh LFP battery and rear-wheel drive, and the Long Range model has a 64 kWh NMC battery and rear-wheel drive, both available at launch.

With the powerful XPower featuring all-wheel drive and the new Extended Range with a larger battery and rear-wheel drive, MG has now added two more variants, at least in the UK.

As the market launch in Germany has not yet been officially confirmed, there are no official prices available yet.

However, if MG Motor Germany follows the logic of its UK counterparts, the MG4 Extended Range could have the same price as the MG4 XPower: in the UK, both variants are listed at the aforementioned £36,495.

If the same were to happen in Germany, the 520-kilometer version of the MG4 would be available from €46,990.

Source: Electrive

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