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Date: July 9, 2024
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Milence expands into Italy with the construction of a charging hub in Bagnolo San Vito

This announcement marks the official expansion of Milence’s network into Italy, following the development of multiple charging hubs in the Benelux, France, Germany, and Sweden.

Milence, the joint venture between Daimler Truck, the TRATON GROUP, and Volvo Group, announces its first charging hub in Italy, located in Bagnolo San Vito in the province of Mantua.

The charging hub in Bagnolo San Vito is located 40 km south of Verona, near the A22 Autostrada del Brennero and along the Scandinavia-Mediterranean corridor. This is a key north-south axis for the European economy.

The A22 is key highway in Italy that connects the Po Valley (a significant industrial and agricultural area), the city of Modena, and the Autostrada A1 to Austria.

The area also serves as a major entry point in the country, connecting the industrial heartlands of Northern Italy to the southern Italian ports and thereby connecting major cities like Milan, Rome, and Naples.


Reliable and high-performance charging experience

The charging hub is being developed in phases.

The initial phase includes four Combined Charging System (CCS) chargers, powering five bays with up to 400 kilowatts of power per bay.

The next phase of development will include additional bays with Megawatt Charging System (MCS) chargers as the technology becomes available.

The Bagnolo San Vito hub will feature Milence’s signature arch and will be safe and secured. Additional amenities for truck drivers will be provided to ensure a comfortable stop while charging.

Anja Niersen, CEO of Milence, indicates: “Within two years, Milence has successfully started the development of multiple charging hubs along key routes in line with its mission to support the transition to sustainable transport across Europe.”

And she continues: “This hub is the perfect location to kick-off our network roll-out in Italy, and will become a key node along the north-south transport corridor that is vital for European commerce.  The future of electric transport is now beginning in Italy as well”.

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