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Date: November 23, 2023
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By Javiera Altamirano

Today! The “Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit” is here

The new event, organized by Mobility Portal Europe and Mobility Portal España, will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of November. The focus will be on investments and trends in charging infrastructure.
Mobility Portal event

On Wednesday, the 22nd, and Thursday, the 23rd of November, Mobility Portal Europe and Mobility Portal España will host their upcoming virtual event, the “Charge Infrastructure Summit.

The summit will kick off at 13:00 Spain time.

The first day will focus on eMobility in Spain, while the second day will shift its focus to the rest of Europe.

Both days will feature discussions involving public and private sector stakeholders addressing topics such as charging infrastructure, regulations, public transportation, incentives, and more.

Prominent participants will include charger manufacturers, CPOs (Charge Point Operators), government authorities, energy companies, and other key players in the value chain.

Day 1: Spain – “Investment Forum for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure”

13:00 h – Opening

13:05 h – Panel 1: The role of retailers and charging operators in expanding public infrastructure

  • Ainhoa Garmendia, International Smart Mobility Coordination at Iberdrola
  • José Andrés García Álvarez, EV – Business Development at CEPSA
  • José Ramón Ricoy, Business Unit Director of Charging at Acciona Energía
  • Ángel Ortega Solera, Director of Operations at Wenea Urban

13:50 h – Panel 2: Trends in technological innovation for electric vehicle charging infrastructure

  • David García-Pardo, CEO at Veltium
  • Iñigo Oraa, Operations, Technology, and Commercial Engineer at e-City Charge
  • Ignacio Díaz, Business Director EV Charging at Huawei

14:40 h – Panel 3: Engineering, telematics, and consulting: Key factors in the deployment of eMobility projects

  • Iván García, Director of IoT Product, Mobility, and Industry at Teldat
  • Javier Martínez Ríos, eMobility Director at EDP España
  • Ignacio de Prada, Public Network Electric Mobility Manager at Galp

15:25 h – Panel 4: Electric bus projects: Challenges for Spain in fleet renewal

  • Mariana Camacho, Project Coordinator at BIA
  • Francisco de Magalhães, International Sales Manager and Spain Country Manager at Caetano
  • Jesús Alonso Martín, Iberia Sales Director at Solaris Bus & Coach

Day 2: “European Trends in Charging Infrastructure”

13:00 h – Opening with a featured interview

  • Evan Corey Costagliola, Senior Principal at Citify

13:10 h – Panel 1: Recharge infrastructure essential to achieve AFIR targets

  • Manuel Trotta, Sr. Product Manager Charging & Payment Solutions at Allego
  • Ivo van Dam, CTO at PowerGo
  • Michael Keller, Executive Board at CharIN

13:55 h – Panel 2: Electric infrastructure for electromobility: How to plan for the future?

  • Ignacio Barbero, Director of e-Mobility at Total Energies
  • Ildefonso Boto Lopez, General Manager Electrification Southern Europe at bp
  • Mark Constable, Head of Public Affairs at Trojan Energy

14:40 h – Featured interview

  • Katarzyna Sobótka, Investment Manager E-mobility at Claritas Investments

15:00 h – Panel 3: New technological trends in public recharging on motorways and in cities

  • Emmanuel Ourry, Senior Director DC Product Line Management at EVBox
  • Alan Augusto, Vice-chair of Communications at ChargeUp Europe
  • Steven van der Burg, Sales Director at Ebusco

Timings by country:

  • 13:00 h – Spain / Germany / France / Italy
  • 12:00 h – UK
  • 19:00 h – China / Korea
  • 20:00 h – Japan
  • 9:00 h – Argentina / Brazil / Uruguay
Gastón Fenés, CEO and Founder of Mobility Portal Group.
Gastón Fenés, CEO and Founder of Mobility Portal Group.

It’s worth noting that Mobility Portal Group’s specials provide journalistic coverage before, during, and after the event, amplifying the messages conveyed by industry leaders throughout the gathering.

“We are designing new projects that we will soon announce to strengthen the bonds of the sustainable mobility community in Europe, Latin America, the United States, and Asia,” said Gastón Fenés, CEO and Founder of Mobility Portal Group.

Mobility Portal Previous Events

The first event hosted by Mobility Portal Europe was titled the “International e-Mobility Summit 2023” and took place between the 27th and 28th of June this year.

On “Day 1” of the event, industry leaders in Spain gathered, while “Day 2: Charging Infrastructure Europe Day” featured representatives from various companies in the region.

The event saw the participation of authorities from CharIN, EVECTRA, Huawei, Iberdrola, Ingeteam, Juice Technology, Kempower, Optibus, Phoenix Contact, Powy, Wallbox Chargers, and XCharge.

For more information, read: DC vs AC: What Do European Companies Think About Home Charging?

Representatives from the European Commission, the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE), the Polish Association for the Development of Electromobility (PIRE), and the Climate Group also expressed their views.

Fore more information, read: Gerassis: “USA and the EU Will Share the Same Specifications for Charging Infrastructure.”

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