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Date: October 22, 2023
Aye portaluppi
By Ayelén Portaluppi

Now we are “Mobility Portal Group”: that’s the rebranding for addressing international expansion

Our specialized journalistic business group in sustainable mobility with a focus on Iberoamerica and Europe is sharing the details of the investment process in various markets. What does Mobility Portal Group entail?
mobility portal group

We are excited to announce our rebranding from Grupo Portal Movilidad to “Mobility Portal Group“.

Our parent company now encompasses our respective business units: Mobility Portal Latinoamérica, Mobility Portal España, and Mobility Portal Europe.

While our name has changed, our identity remains the same.

We continue to be the leading multi-platform journalistic portal in Iberoamerica and Europe, specializing in promoting sustainable and zero-emission mobility.

Under this new banner, we will also continue to connect the industry, organize networking activities, events, and other interactive initiatives.

This, as always, will be done using “big data” and the latest audiovisual technologies, just as our digital and streaming audience appreciates and supports on a daily basis.

Gastón Fenés, CEO and Founder of Mobility Portal Group
Gastón Fenés, CEO and Founder of Mobility Portal Group

“The rebranding to Mobility Portal reflects the leap our company is making on the international stage. We are undisputed leaders in Latin America and are on the same path in Spain and Europe,” highlights Gastón Fenés, CEO and founder of Mobility Portal Group.

Recently, Mobility Portal España was awarded the Best Electric Mobility Promotion Media in Spain by the Association of Electric Vehicle Users (AUVE).

In our pursuit of constant innovation, Fenés teases: “By 2024, we are working on new activities that will further drive sustainable mobility in the markets we operate in. We have some surprises that we will be announcing soon and are looking forward to them.”

It’s worth noting that over 100,000 professionals and executives from Latin America and Europe rely on our specialized journalistic content daily, which is crafted by experts in communication and electric mobility.

Upcoming Mobility Portal Events

Mobility Portal is organizing its next special live stream, titled the “Mobility Portal Charge Infrastructure Summit,” which will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of November this year.

It will be two days of live streaming filled with discussions:

  • “Day 1: Investment Forum for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure” will focus on Spain.
  • “Day 2: European Trends in Charging Infrastructure” will be at a regional level.

Stay tuned for more event details, where approximately 40 speakers and over 6,000 viewers on YouTube will participate, alongside leading brands in the global electric vehicle charging infrastructure market.

eMobility Book, another technological innovation

One of the 2023 innovations from Mobility Portal is the launch of the “eMobility Book” What is it about?

It’s a digital book where leading companies in electric vehicle charging infrastructure present their products and services.

The title of this first edition will be “eMobility Book: Charge Infrastructure 2023.”

It will showcase the latest advancements in slow, fast, and semi-fast chargers, as well as services for charging infrastructure and fleet optimization.

Companies will have the opportunity to showcase the technical details of their products, their latest releases, and successful case studies in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The first virtual fair for charging infrastructure

“eMobility Book” will also be accompanied by the Ibero-American Electric and Sustainable Mobility Fair.

It will be a virtual and technological event streamed on YouTube, ideal for presenting and announcing products and services in a technical and aesthetically appealing environment.

Undoubtedly, it’s a great opportunity for making presentations, demonstrations, and engaging with leading executives in the electric mobility sector.

It’s worth noting that both initiatives are designed to help companies present their products and solutions in a technical and attractive manner in the markets of Latin America and Spain.

How to Become a Partner?

Brands interested in accessing our activities and projects, aiming to establish a presence in various markets in Iberoamerica and Europe, can make inquiries via email: [email protected].

None of this would be possible without the support of partners who trust in our journalistic information. We are now Mobility Portal Group, and we wanted to share this with you.

Mobility Portal Group

Mobility Portal Group is the leading multi-platform journalistic portal in Iberoamerica and Europe, specializing in the promotion of sustainable and zero-emission mobility.

We organize networking activities, events, and working meetings with industry leaders, leveraging ‘big data’ and the latest audiovisual technologies.

We provide consulting services on “market intelligence” with exclusive information for the virtuous development of investment projects.

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