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Date: December 20, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini
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Monta arrives at the Spanish eMobility market with the second-largest hub in Europe

Daniel Schwedhelm, Country Sales Manager at Monta, highlights the next strategic steps that the company will undertake with the aim of establishing itself as the "leader in software" in the Spanish market by 2025.

Focused on providing the best technological solutions for the entire electric vehicle charging process, Monta is setting up in Barcelona.

The Catalan city will become the second-largest hub for the Danish company.

Daniel Schwedhelm, the Country Sales Manager of the company, reveals to Mobility Portal Group: “Currently, we have about 15 professionals in our offices, and the forecast is to reach 80.”

Daniel Schwedhelm, Country Sales Manager of Monta.

To achieve this, the company is in the process of selecting qualified personnel to fill the vacant positions.

The choice of Barcelona, in part, is due to its multicultural nature, which aligns with Monta’s goals of incorporating both local and international talent to cover all languages.

Additionally, being one of the leading tech destinations in Europe, “especially when looking to hire a diverse and high-quality team,” as explained by the startup.

The company offers an all-in-one platform that simplifies and streamlines the implementation, usage, and management of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

“We have observed significant acceleration in the transition to electric mobility in Spain, so we consider this the optimal time to enter this market,” expresses.

Taking into account Monta’s accumulated experience in the Nordic countries, it is in a position to support those companies that have not yet identified the challenges they will face in this field.

In this way, it aims to position itself as a software leader in the Spanish market by 2025.

In this regard, the company has several objectives within its business model, as it provides software to all players in the electric vehicle charging business.

In collaboration with hardware manufacturers, Monta facilitates the integration of its technology into their platform.

“In this context, we already work with more than 100 manufacturers and 400 charger models. And we add new ones every month,” assures Schwedhelm.

Regarding charging point manufacturers, the company implements the Power by Monta option, where entrepreneurs can decide whether to supply or market their hardware with Monta’s integrated software from the factory.

Given the growing demand in the market and the consequent complexities of the diverse regulations among different countries, the company offers a solution that can simplify the process for hardware manufacturers, as well as all actors in the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Monta provides software that adapts to the needs of both B2B customers and domestic consumers.

“This allows manufacturers to focus on hardware development, backed by cutting-edge software created by a team of over 100 experts in the field,” details Schwedhelm.

Considered “possibly the most important” for the company, it highlights its collaboration with charging point operators.

These operators can use the platform to manage thousands of points, whether public, semi-public, or private.

Monta’s management system is the only one that offers an extensive variety of features and stands out for being the most stable and open in the market.

In this context, the Danish startup has recently established a strategic alliance with Siemens to facilitate the expansion of charging infrastructure throughout Europe.

This will allow the German company to establish itself as a comprehensive service solution provider for electric mobility, aimed at managing facilities and corporate fleets.

Thus, Siemens will leverage Monta’s charging point management system (CPMS) to manage its own fleet and charging points.

As well as offering customers a complete solution for electric vehicle charging in workplaces, public spaces, and residences, ensuring high availability.

Monta has both a platform for charging point management, aimed at installers, manufacturers, and operators, and an application designed for drivers.

Through it, users have the option to make payments at charging points using a QR code or NFC that redirects them to a payment gateway.

Currently, Monta’s ecosystem in Europe comprises over half a million charging points that are already part of its system, which, it is worth noting, “experiences constant growth every day.”

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