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Date: January 3, 2024
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myRecarga: eMobility installers are betting on 2024 being electric

With the arrival of the new year, the race to achieve the electromobility goals set by the EU continues. In a conversation with Mobility Portal Spain, myRecarga ensures that the country "will experience a significant boost."
Ignacio Pérez del Pozo, Development Manager at myRecarga.

According to the Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility (AEDIVE), currently, the national territory has more than 27,000 charging points and 124,932 registered electric vehicles.

In this context, Ignacio Pérez del Pozo, Business Development Manager at myRecarga, states:

In 2024, Spain will experience a significant boost after many years regarding users’ confidence in electric mobility and charging infrastructure.”

This increase will be supported by the implementation of numerous charging zones, although there is a need for greater dissemination by all stakeholders involved in this transition.

Especially considering that many citizens are not aware of the number of charging stations available in their localities.

“I believe that is the work we have to do, and that it will be rewarded this year,” he asserts.

In the same vein, myRecarga plans are not only to grow in line with the market, but also to expand its operational service and promote an even more sustainable charging infrastructure.

Charging point by myRecarga for KIA.

The main objective is to facilitate and enhance the user experience by simplifying the use of charging points.

This will be achieved by incorporating Plug&Charge technology into its offering, as well as continuing the integration of physical point-of-sale terminals in its charging areas.

It is worth noting that 30 of them already include such point-of-sale terminals.

“We will likely have implemented and activated these improvements by the first half of this year,” anticipates the Business Development Manager.

With this, they hope to offer customers peace of mind and a real solution, providing them with a highly satisfying charging experience.

How is myRecarga’s client portfolio structured?

myRecarga has been active in the Spanish market for two decades, dedicating the last 12 years to the charging sector and consolidating its presence nationwide.

As third-party operators with a turnkey 360-degree service, the company collaborates closely with renowned companies in the sector, with Circutor being one of the notable partners.

Its offering is directed at both individual customers and private companies, as well as public associations, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that they “worry about nothing.”

The company handles the analysis of the client’s current and future infrastructure needs, based, in some cases, on long-term projections.

Subsequently, it carries out the corresponding engineering and construction tasks.

Additionally, myRecarga provides monitoring services and has a specialized department offering assistance that “accompanies the user from start to finish.”

Regarding publicly awarded public charging zones through public tenders, the company currently manages approximately 40.

For example, in May of this year, Castellón counted on 276 charging points, of which 201 were to be operated by the Castellón-based company myRecarga.

The company is responsible for designing charging infrastructure plans for municipalities, thus contributing to the reduction of emissions and noise on the streets.

Additionally, it takes on the responsibility of project management, software development, as well as the installation and maintenance of the facilities.

At this point, Pérez del Pozo emphasizes the need for municipalities to consider not only providing the most economical offer, but also ensuring a positive experience for the user.

Success case of myRecarga

myRecarga installation in Eco Rallye Renomar.

The company offers power levels ranging from 22 kW to 350 kW.

One of its notable cases in the public domain is its role as the main supplier for the Eco Rallye Renomar in the Valencian Community.

The company acts as a technical partner in this automotive discipline that has been taking place for over 10 years.

“In this event, we have carried out various installations that have exceeded 300 kW,” he details.

These installations are temporary and have multiple charging points to ensure that the entire championship has access to charging.

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