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Date: January 22, 2024
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Niam and Nima plan to build 1,250 charging points in the Nordic region, with Sweden as the primary market

In total, Nima is building 150 ultra-fast charging points from Stockholm to Skåne. However, the ultimate goal is to build 1,250 charging points in the Nordic region.
Niam and Nima charging points Nordic region, Sweden

Niam Infrastructure (Niam) and Nima Energy (Nima) initiated a collaboration in 2022 regarding the financing of ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

Now, EV owners in the country can see the result of this collaboration.

“The focus on ultra-fast charging in strategically important locations in Sweden is crucial for accelerating the electrification of the vehicle fleet,” said Sverker Åkerblom, CEO of Niam Infrastructure.

In December 2023, Nima opened three new charging points with a total of 24 charging points in southern Sweden.

Additionally, the company is constructing 50 charging points in central Stockholm, of which 12 are expected to be completed soon and the rest by summer.

In total, Nima is building 150 ultra-fast charging points from Stockholm to Skåne.

“We have the ambitious goal of building a total of 1,250 charging points in the Nordic region by the end of 2026, with Sweden as the first market,” states Marcus Landelin, CEO of Nima Energy.

“The investment in Nima Energy provides us with the opportunity to accelerate the transition through the rapid expansion of ultra-fast and easily accessible electric vehicle charging that meets the needs of drivers,” he added.

The collaboration between Niam and Nima began in 2022 when Niam’s infrastructure fund became a minority shareholder in Nima with the possibility of financing the expansion of Nima’s charging sites.

To expedite the launch, Niam decided last year to inject additional capital and increased its stake in Nima from 15 to just over 23 percent.

Nima develops, constructs, and operates ultra-fast charging centers along highways and in major cities and their surroundings.

All Nima charging points have a capacity of up to 300 or 400 kilowatts, allowing for a charge of up to 300 kilometers in 15 minutes.

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