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Date: October 16, 2023
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Nio Commences ET5 Touring Deliveries Across Europe

Nio has commenced deliveries of its new electric vehicle in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Norway. What are the prices at which it is being marketed?
The Nio ET5 Touring was launched in both China and Europe on June 15, with 11,677 units delivered in China to date.

Nio has officially initiated deliveries of its ET5 Touring model in several European countries, marking a significant milestone for the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer’s expansion into the European market.

NIO ET5 Touring
NIO ET5 Touring

The European debut of the ET5 Touring comes four months after Nio introduced the model to the continent.

In the past week, Nio celebrated the commencement of ET5 Touring deliveries with special ceremonies held in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Norway.

Although specific delivery numbers were not disclosed, Nio shared images of the first ET5 Touring vehicles being handed over to their new European owners.

The ET5 Touring was initially launched in China during a gala event on June 15, with the European variant introduced shortly afterward.

In China, deliveries of the ET5 Touring began on June 16, and so far, approximately 11,677 units of the model have been delivered, according to data monitored by CnEVPost.

Pricing for the ET5 Touring in China starts at RMB 298,000 ($40,800) for the 75-kWh battery version and RMB 356,000 for the 100-kWh variant, inclusive of the battery.

Customers in China who opt for the BaaS (battery as a service) option can access the model starting at RMB 228,000, with monthly battery rental fees of RMB 980 and RMB 1,680, respectively.

In Germany, the 75-kWh ET5 Touring has a base price of €59,500 ($62,600), including the battery, while the 100-kWh long-range version starts at €68,500.

The BaaS pricing model reduces the base price by €12,000 for the 75-kWh version and €21,000 for the 100-kWh version.

In the Netherlands, the 75-kWh ET5 Touring starts at €63,900, and the 100-kWh version begins at €72,900, both prices inclusive of the battery.

Pricing in other European countries is as follows: SEK706,000 ($64,100) and SEK816,000 in Sweden, DKK517,000 ($73,000) and DKK637,000 in Denmark, and NOK532,869 ($48,800) and NOK620,619 in Norway.

However, it’s worth noting that the European Union has initiated an anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese EVs, which could potentially impact the efforts of Chinese EV companies in the European market.

The investigation is set to conclude within a maximum of 13 months from initiation, with provisional anti-subsidy duties possible within 9 months of initiation, and definitive measures to be imposed up to 4 months later or within 13 months of the investigation’s initiation, according to an announcement by the European Commission.

This development has cast a shadow over the prospects of Chinese EV firms in Europe.

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