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Date: May 28, 2024
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NIO opens its 7th “House” in Amsterdam to advance its European operations

NIO, a global smart EV company, already offers six mass-produced models in Europe. Additionally, the company has established 43 battery swap stations, 46 charging stations, and connected more than 500,000 third-party chargers in the region.

The “NIO House | Amsterdam” has officially opened its doors.

The opening event was attended by NIO‘s founder, chairman, and CEO William Li, co-founder and president Qin Lihong, representatives of NIO’s European user community, and over 200 partners and guests.

Li and NIO Netherlands General Manager Ruben Keuter jointly performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The “House” is located in the historic Metz Building at 32-34 Leidsestraat in central Amsterdam, near Keizersgracht, Dam Square, and the Royal Palace.

Built in 1891, the Metz Building is a protected historical landmark and was the tallest private building in Amsterdam at the time.

In collaboration with renowned Dutch architectural design firm MVRDV, the automaker has revitalized the Metz Building.

The eight-story, 2,700-square-meter space offers an immersive experience that includes car viewing, dining, office space, childcare, exhibitions, lectures, relaxation, reading, and social gatherings.

“NIO House is a vital part of our community, enhancing the connection between the brand and its users. It aims to offer an open space for visitors and contribute to the local community’s prosperity,” states Li.

“It is our largest ‘House’ in Europe, marking a significant step in our global expansion. We will continue to advance our service infrastructure, improve user satisfaction, and contribute more to the local community through NIO House,” he adds.

Since 2021, the company has made substantial progress in its European operations.

As of May 23, 2024, six mass-produced models—ES8, ET7, EL7 (ES7 in China), ET5, ET5T, and EL6 (ES6 in China)—have entered the European market.

NIO has established 43 battery swap stations, 46 charging stations, and connected over 500,000 third-party chargers in the european continent.

The “Power Journeys|Canals and Castles Route” connects Rotterdam and Munich.

The firm has built seven Houses, eight Spaces, and 55 Service Centers in Europe.

About NIO

Founded in 2014, the firm has been committed to shaping a joyful lifestyle by offering high-performance smart electric vehicles (EVs) and ultimate experience.

Nine years into establishment, it is one of the leading companies in the global premium smart EV market, and also the first car company listed on the NYSE, HKSE and SGX.

Aiming to foster its own research and development capabilities for core technologies, the firm has developed NIO Full Stack, a collection of 12 technology domains, including chips and smart hardware, battery system, electric drive and high-voltage system, vehicle engineering, vehicle operating system, vehicle connectivity, assisted and intelligent driving, smart cabin, smart power, smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence and global digital operations.

As of March 31, 2024, NIO had filed and obtained more than 8,700 patents worldwide.

Currently, the company has R&D centers and manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, Hefei, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, San Jose, Munich, Oxford, Berlin, Budapest and Singapore.

Its sales and service networks also have an expansive reach in over 300 cities in China, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

At present, the firm has eight smart electric models in its lineup, including the flagship SUV ES8, flagship coupe SUV EC7, mid-large SUV ES7, flagship sedan ET7, all-round SUV ES6, coupe SUV EC6, mid-size sedan ET5 and mid-size tourer ET5 Touring.

In December 2023, NIO’s executive flagship ET9 made its global debut, and the delivery is expected to start in 2025.

As of April 30, 2024, the company delivered a total of 495,267 units, leading the premium battery electric vehicle segment priced above RMB 300,000.

In addition to the state-of-the-art smart electric vehicle technologies and experience, the firm has introduced various innovative service models, featuring NIO Power, NIO Service, Battery as a Service (BaaS), flexible battery upgrade plan and NIO Certified which is NIO’s pre-owned vehicle program, to offer an ultimate service experience throughout the product lifecycle.

NIO is the car brand that owns and operates the most charging piles and Power Swap Stations in China.

By the end of April, the company had installed 2,454 Power Swap Stations and 22,138 chargers, and connected with over 1.5 million non-NIO chargers worldwide.

Its battery swap network runs through 13 trunk expressways and 11 city clusters in China.

Moreover, the firm has partnered with Changan Automobile, Geely Holding, JAC Group and Chery Automobile in battery swap to jointly promote the development of the battery swap network and industry standards.

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