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Date: January 9, 2024
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Onexus will launch a new charger in the spring of 2024 and aims to make its debut in the USA

Onexus offers a diverse range of fully sealed and robust chargers for electric vehicles. Although Onexus operates primarily in Madrid and central Spain, expanding its reach nationwide and into Portugal, its next destination is the United States.

With an eye on spring next year, Onexus is gearing up to launch a new charger that will enable metering and the use of payment gateways.

This functionality will allow users to pay for the energy consumed by the equipment instead of the establishment with the device taking care of it.

This addition will be particularly beneficial for restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, universities, hospitals, among others.

In addition, the ONEXUS OX 1+ represents a significant improvement in terms of protection compared to the current charger, as it is known for its enhanced robustness.

“Everything is being prepared for its launch in spring 2024,” details Francisco Yágüez, the Commercial Manager of the company, to Mobility Portal España.

At the same time, looking ahead to the future, it aspires to expand its capacity to charge various types of vehicles, including fast chargers for handling vehicles in direct current.

Although Onexus primarily operates in Madrid and central Spain, extending its reach nationally and into Portugal, its next destination is the United States.

In this regard, its latest announcement is related to its imminent entry into the Anglo-Saxon market.

Currently, it is in talks and adapting its equipment to introduce them to this new market.

The company emphasizes the importance of being fully prepared before expansion, avoiding “false starts” and ensuring that its products truly add value to the market.

The choice of the American country is due to its chargers that stand out for their resilience, quality, reliability, and durability, functioning efficiently even in extreme weather conditions.

These units have not only withstood the Filomena snowstorm in Madrid but also the high temperatures of the last summer.

In this sense, the devices are designed to operate in any climate and circumstance, being completely sealed and resistant.

“After all the equipment we installed, we haven’t received any complaints about performance,” states Yágüez.

The company offers a premium product and service aimed at both individual users and dealerships and businesses.

A success story is its collaboration with El Corte Inglés, currently being their official suppliers.

“We have been the first approved plug-in vehicle chargers that are already on sale on the store’s digital platform for the entire Spanish market,” notes the Commercial Manager.

Thus, any customer has the possibility to purchase products through the online store, and Onexus takes care of the certified installation.

Moreover, it anticipates that they are currently implementing the marketing of photovoltaic kits and individual components, a process that will be completed during the first quarter of this year.

Onexus product range

Prioritizing user experience, Onexus provides products that are simple to use, reliable, and convenient, with quick installation and highly competitive pricing.

All their equipment has the highest level of impact protection.

Specially designed for home use, the OX1 C model offers optimal performance, maximum reliability, and the highest market protection, with IK10 (maximum impact resistance) and IP66 (maximum water and dust resistance) certifications.

Its 3.5-inch LCD screen provides detailed information about current, consumption, and charging status, with the possibility to configure these parameters through the mobile app.

The wall-mounted model A is equally designed for residential use.

They are available in both single-phase and three-phase versions, with power ranging from 7.6 kW to 22 kW.

It is worth noting that the offer is complemented with solar panel options.

At this point, Yágüez emphasizes the need for greater incentives to democratize the installation of photovoltaic systems, allowing more widespread access to this technology.

He also advocates for additional assistance to encourage the acquisition of electric vehicles.

“We, as installers and manufacturers, are contributing to developing infrastructure, but we observe that customers are finding it very difficult to acquire an electrified car,” he asserts.

He adds, “The arrival of Chinese cars in Spain and Europe, with very affordable prices, is starting to dominate the electric market.”

The European Union is investigating possible aid provided by China to the production of zero and low-emission vehicles.

This is considered by the EU as an unfair practice that distorts the European market.

Onexus stands out for its 360 turnkey service

The Spanish company offers a comprehensive service in both the marketing of chargers and solar panels, providing complete guidance to its customers.

From the beginning of the process, they handle all aspects, starting with the request for a personalized quote delivered in approximately 48 hours.

“We look for the model that best suits your needs and take care of the installation, commissioning, and also offer assistance in managing subsidies,” emphasizes Yágüez.

All their equipment is installed by nationally certified professionals.

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