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Date: August 1, 2023
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Phoenix Contact: “We must be aware of the quality of charger manufacturers”

During the "International e-Mobility Summit 2023" organized by Mobility Portal, various companies present in Europe are discussing the current state of charging infrastructure in the region. What are Phoenix Contact's future projects?
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Phoenix Contact will launch a new range of CCS controllers as a complement to the HPC connectors, and in line with this, a range of high-power modules.

As part of the “International e-Mobility Summit 2023” organized by Mobility Portal, Adriano Mones Bayo, the Business Development Director for Spain and Latin America at Phoenix Contact E-mobility, discusses the company’s concerns.

Adriano Mones Bayo, Business Development Director for Spain and Latin America at Phoenix Contact E-mobility.
Adriano Mones Bayo, Business Development Director for Spain and Latin America at Phoenix Contact E-mobility.

Regarding Europe’s progress in implementing charging infrastructure, Mones Bayo tells Mobility Portal that the region must be “more consistent in defending its leadership in the global industry.

He adds, “We have wonderful companies producing electric vehicles and electric charging infrastructures.”

He cites Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands as examples.

Phoenix Contact offers a wide portfolio of components covering connectivity, security, software, and hardware for charging processes.

“We were the first company to register the CCS connector in January 2011,” he comments.

In addition, Phoenix was a pioneer in developing a solution with a unique cooling system for the 500 Amps connector.

The company is working to expand and strengthen its connections in the sector, noting that the competition is becoming “stronger” every day.

“There is a lack of agreement and commitment to defend a global and unique position against the Chinese and American markets.”

While referring to a strategic market plan, the company emphasizes the importance of creating a common and structured political plan to support and develop the industry globally.

Updates from Phoenix

During the event, Mones Bayo highlights the added value of Phoenix Contact products and emphasizes that professional relationships are essential to defend European interests and compete with other markets.

Currently, the company is developing high-power connectors.

Mones Bayo comments that to expand into the United States, they require the “New Biden” plan to develop high-power charging corridors throughout the North American territory.

He reveals the firm’s innovation plans and states that they will launch a new range of CCS controllers as a complement to the HPC connectors and, in line with this, a range of high-power modules.

The company’s technology aims to significantly reduce charging times for all electric vehicles.

“To achieve up to 500 kW, we need the cold charging connector, meaning the cable has internal conductors that allow high-power charging of vehicle batteries in a few minutes, while maintaining the temperature according to the standard,” he comments.

Additionally, they are considering incorporating components that enable the creation of universal payment systems, such as the project with MasterCard, which uses their AC charging controllers.

“We are working on new charging controllers, new charging systems for MCS, and we are considering developing some prototypes for the future,” the executive states.

He adds that standards and norms are fundamental.

The company is celebrating its centenary and considers its most significant success story to be perceiving itself as a successful family business that achieved an internal turnover of 3.6 billion euros in 2022.

They are the creators of the combined charging system in the region and participated in the development of fast-charging technology in 2018.

“Not only are we dedicated to electric mobility, but we have been involved in connectivity for over 100 years. We have over 100,000 products in the sector, which is another example of a leading company in the industry for many years.”

Leaders in charging infrastructure

Wallbox, a Catalan company and leader in charging and energy management solutions, has sold over 300,000 chargers and has more than 500 certified installers, with their service distributed in 113 countries.

Ingeteam, a company from Bilbao, has installed over 24,000 chargers for electric vehicles, supplying 700 units for electric trains and more than 650 ships equipped with hybrid and full electric naval propulsion technology.

Kempower, a Finnish firm and a leader in the Netherlands, offers charging solutions with powers of up to 600 kW. By the end of 2023, they will expand to the United States.

Hellonext, a company based in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Portugal, was awarded the supply and installation of over 250 fast and ultra-fast charging points in 2022. They plan to install 2,000 more by the end of 2023.

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