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Date: January 30, 2024
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Port of Rotterdam inaugurates its first charging station for electric trucks

Together with Truckparkings Rotterdam Exploitatie (TRE), the Port of Rotterdam Authority offers the possibility to charge eight eTrucks simultaneously at the Bodaanweg truck park in the Waalhaven.
Port of Rotterdam's first charging station for eTrucks.
Port of Rotterdam's first charging station for eTrucks.

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable freight transport, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, in collaboration with Truckparkings Rotterdam Exploitatie (TRE), inaugurated the first-ever electric truck charging station within the port.

This initiative marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to achieve CO2-neutral freight transport and foster a cleaner living environment.

Situated at the Bodaanweg truck park in the Waalhaven, the charging station boasts the capacity to simultaneously accommodate eight eTrucks.

This strategic location allows for convenient charging during short-distance container trips, addressing the vital need for sustainability in regional road transport.

TRE, working closely with the Port of Rotterdam Authority, has established five charging points at the truck park, capable of servicing a total of eight vehicles.

The truck park is designed to prioritize safety and comfort, with 24/7 surveillance ensuring secure parking and charging bays.

Currently, reservations are unnecessary, allowing e-trucks to report directly via the intercom at the entry point.

Furthermore, eTrucks incur no parking fees and have access to all facilities within the secure truck park.

This collaborative effort involved key stakeholders such as ABB E-mobility, Batenburg Techniek, KWS Infra, Stedin, and VARO Energy, which manages the charging infrastructure for TRE.

The project aligns with the Rijkswaterstaat Living Labs Heavy Duty Charging Stations program, highlighting a commitment to innovation and sustainability in the transportation sector.

Vincent Karremans, Alderman for Enforcement, Outdoor Space, and Mobility of the Municipality of Rotterdam, emphasized the positive impact of quieter, cleaner, and more sustainable trucks in the city and port.

He expressed optimism, stating: “With this charging station, we are taking another great step forward in making the truck fleet more sustainable and making Rotterdam more liveable.

Boudewijn Siemons, interim CEO and COO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, underlined the station’s role in supporting sustainable logistics as a key component of their strategy for a net-zero CO2 emissions port.

The charging infrastructure for trucks contributes directly to improved air quality in the port, aligning with their vision for a future-proof and environmentally responsible port.

Ton Barten, Director of TRE, highlighted the practical advantages for carriers, stating: “Carriers can schedule smart combinations by, for example, charging their trucks while drivers stay in the truck park for mandatory rest“.

“A comfortable, safe, and easy switch to sustainable transport without any loss of time. This paves the way for carriers to become more sustainable and invest in an electric fleet,” he adds.

Boudewijn Siemons and Vincent Karremans. 

The importance of charging points in the journey towards sustainable transport was underscored by a January 2022 TNO study commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

The study projected around 2,000 electric trucks in the port area by 2030, necessitating approximately 50 charging points.

Several companies have already embraced electric trucks in Rotterdam, including Innocent Drinks and Den Hartogh, deploying 50-tonne electric trucks in 2021.

DFDS further demonstrated commitment to the cause by ordering over 125 eTrucks in 2022, destined for deployment in Rotterdam and contributing to the city’s green transportation evolution.

Alongside electrification, the role of hydrogen in sustainable transport was acknowledged, signaling a multifaceted approach to meeting environmental goals.

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