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Date: December 12, 2023
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Power Choice will triple its number of installed charging stations in Spain by 2024

Jordi Casanova Soriano, Head of the Photovoltaic and Electric PR Department at Power Choice, details to Mobility Portal Spain their short and medium-term strategies, which include establishing a strong presence in the fast charging sector.

Since 2017, Power Choice has stood out in the installation of electric vehicle chargers, providing its services to leading companies in the sector.

Although their main focus is on electric substations, they have plans for expansion in the charging station industry.

“Next year, we will triple the number of installed chargers,” anticipates Jordi Casanova Soriano, Head of the Photovoltaic and Electric PR Department of the company, to Mobility Portal Spain.

Additionally, they are about to inaugurate eight new installations and are in talks with several firms in the sector to meet their goals.

In this direction, their objective is to position themselves in the fast charging segment, as it is their strength.

The maximum power capacity they currently offer ranges from 1.5 megawatts to 2.5 MW, but he suggests that, in the short and medium term, they will have stations of 3 MW.

Not only that, but in their effort to lead the high-power sector, they intend to add charging stations for heavy vehicles, especially trucks, in the future.

The company, with a presence throughout Spain, provides its clients with a comprehensive turnkey advisory service.

In this regard, Power Choice handles everything from permit processing in public bodies, planning and engineering execution, to commissioning.

The duration of this process varies depending on the location and can take between six months and a year, and up to two years for new connection points.

The latter is due to the national electrical infrastructure, “which increasingly has less capacity in service areas.”

On this matter, Europe has warned the country that the electrical grid is not sufficient to support all the renewable energy projects that the government plans to promote.

Additionally, it states that Spain needs to invest in both network infrastructure and storage if they intend to successfully carry out the planned projects for the coming years.

In this regard, Casanova Soriano emphasizes that, regarding legalization, electric chargers are closely linked to the renewable energy sector.

This is causing excessive bureaucracy and significant delays as they have to go through the same rigid and inflexible procedures that will make it impossible to meet the objectives set by Europe.

As an example, the year 2023 has been “very blocked,” as renewable promoters had to meet deadlines outlined in RD 23/2020, of June 23.

This has generated a significant accumulation of files, causing a blockage in the Administration.

“I hope that the procedures speed up and facilitate our work to allow a connected development of charging points and encourage a greater number of users to opt for electric vehicles,” he insists.

Power Choice aspires to position itself in the top spot

In 2017, the company entered the Spanish market, specializing in the medium and high-voltage sector, with a focus on connecting solar parks, but always keeping an eye on charging points. This is because the founding partners had already developed this business line in the United Kingdom years before.

Their premise is to ensure that all ITT/RFQ received are delivered within a maximum period of 7 business days. They often provide quotes in less than 72 hours.

The company is involved in all stages of transformer stations and electrical substations projects. They offer their expertise in the execution of all types of lines, both overhead and underground, at different voltage levels.

Additionally, Power Choice is an authorized installer of electric vehicle charging points in residential properties, shopping centers, and businesses. They are also qualified to carry out electric self-consumption projects with battery storage systems.

The company adapts to the individual needs of each client, providing customized solutions.

Therefore, Casanova Soriano emphasizes: “We want to position ourselves as the number one in installations, as our experience in the medium-voltage sector is closely related to the expansion of fast-charging points.”

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