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Date: October 26, 2023
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By Javiera Altamirano

PowerGo: “Our ambition is to become one of Europe’s largest CPOs”

Jaimy Kearney, Head of Business Development at PowerGo, anticipated this to Mobility Portal Europe. The company has plans not only in the Netherlands but also across all of Europe. Here are all the details.

PowerGo aims to promote electric mobility and fast charging by providing comprehensive charging solutions for both public and fleet charging.

The company stands out in the market for its commitment to combining its infrastructure with 100% renewable energy ensuring a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from transportation.

Jaimy Kearney, Head of Business Development at PowerGo.
Jaimy Kearney, Head of Business Development at PowerGo.

In this regard, Jaimy Kearney, Head of Business Development at the company, shares the company’s roadmap.

PowerGo’s ambition is to become one of Europe’s largest Charge Point Operators,” she states.

Currently, they have leading projects in various countries, with a focus on the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Norway.

To achieve this goal, they are already developing various projects in different locations within the European Union.

For instance, in the Netherlands and Belgium, they are installing fast chargers for customers of the Jumbo supermarket chain.

Similarly, they are doing the same for Basic-Fit gyms, with around 450 locations, and for the Radisson Hotel Group, where they will install charging points at approximately 300 locations.

In Spain, they have fast-charging stations at hotels, gas stations, and other public locations

While in Denmark, they provide charging stations for municipalities, cities, and counties.

“PowerGo has won 16 tenders so far, and we will install more than 1600 charging points in the upcoming two years,” Kearney emphasizes.

At their locations, PowerGo offers co-branded or fully-branded charging stations to location owners, allowing them to benefit from new branding opportunities and additional advertising.

Additionally, they offer the incorporation of a loyalty program into the charging experience.

The company’s solutions are user-centric, catering to the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners, businesses, and communities to provide the best experience.

Therefore, before each installation, they assess which charging stations are most suitable for a specific location based on the needs of EV drivers.

Throughout the process, PowerGo takes care of facilitating the entire procedure, eliminating risk and inconvenience for the location owner.

“We take care of the investment and own and operate the chargers. The location owner shares in the profits,” Kearney explains.

However, certain locations, mainly in the Netherlands, present certain challenges.

One challenge is grid congestion. This can slow down the process tremendously,” notes the Head of Business Development.

Currently, the Dutch electrical grid is operating at its limit in extensive areas of the country.

Therefore, industry experts argue that both utility companies and electrical grid operators should convene with Charge Point Operators (CPOs) to proactively address these issues.

Two key focal points are strengthening the grid and making additional investments.

According to their statements, European networks will require 400 billion euros to support the energy transition.

About PowerGo

PowerGo is a 100% European company that plays a significant role in the European Union’s energy transition and the deployment of a fast-charging network.

They are subsidiaries of PowerField, a Dutch developer of solar parks and energy storage systems.

Together, they are working on a so-called Virtual Power Plant project with the goal of providing generation, storage, and use of renewable energy.

Furthermore, the company is known for offering dynamic pricing, “which is still quite unique in Europe”.

At PowerGo, charging costs are linked to the European Power Exchange (EPEX), a European wholesale market where electricity is traded.

These electricity prices can vary hourly, based on Europe’s real-time electricity supply and demand.

This encourages EV drivers not only to charge when there is plenty and cleaner energy available but also to take advantage of cost savings.

This enables a more advantageous charging tariff, promotes sustainable charging, and helps prevent electricity grid overloads,” Kearney points out.

Through the PowerGo Charge app, users can access information about prices for the upcoming hours and easily locate a charging station to charge and make payments anywhere in Europe.

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