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Date: August 2, 2023
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Powy: “E-mobility is an opportunity to be efficient and integrate renewables”

According to Powy, electric mobility enables improving energy usage and promoting integration with renewable energies. Furthermore, in the absence of regulations for the application of the V2G system, they suggest the utilization of VG1. What are their arguments?
Powy, like most CPOs, recognizes the existence of an additional industry related to green energies.

During the International e-Mobility Summit 2023, organized by Mobility Portal Europe, Powy’s Chief Business Development Officer, Lodovico Cavazza Isolani, shared his insights on energy management and new strategies for developing charging infrastructure.

Lodovico Cavazza Isolani, Chief Business Development Officer at Powy.
Lodovico Cavazza Isolani, Chief Business Development Officer at Powy.

In this regard, he explains that although zero-emission vehicle charging is often perceived as a challenge for the grid, he believes it would benefit the sector.

“While electric mobility presents a challenge, it could be a tremendous opportunity to improve energy usage and promote the integration of renewables,” he states.

Powy, like most CPOs, recognizes the existence of an additional industry related to green energies.

Therefore, Cavazza Isolani emphasizes that energy management cannot be considered without taking the energy transition into account.

“The technologies of the future are advanced green integration systems for electric vehicle charging,” comments the professional.

On the other hand, given the lack of Spanish regulation for the implementation of the V2G system, Powy’s representative suggests the use of intelligent charging known as VG1.

According to Cavazza Isolani, it is an “interesting and simple” technology that offers the possibility of reducing and modifying the charge quickly.

When we talk about integration, the ultimate goal is V2G,” he acknowledges.

And he adds, “I truly believe in that technology, but before reaching it, there are other options we can consider.”

Powy works on storage integration

With the aim of becoming a key player in the energy transition and promoting grid connection, Powy is currently working on storage integration.

Regarding this, Cavazza Isolani highlights:

“This allows installations and connections while simultaneously reducing the installed loads, which in the future will enable the concept of virtual self-consumption plans with batteries.”

In this way, if the CPO (Charge Point Operator) has a location to install chargers, solar panels, and storage solutions, they can manage the energy produced in different parts of the country.

Subsequently, in collaboration with the partner supplier, the stored energy can be used in other locations and thus be reused in different places.

“This is a clear example of how this technology can modify strategies and ways of working,” says the Director.

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What are Powy’s objectives?

The Italian startup aims to create a pan-European network of electric vehicle charging stations.

“At Powy, as operators in the electric mobility industry, we want to be a key player in the transition,” declares Cavazza Isolani.

However, since the company prides itself on service quality, it does not aim to install in quantity.

On the contrary, Powy’s intention is to place the right equipment at the right time.

It’s worth mentioning that the company installs both AC and DC chargers, depending on the locations.

Currently, they operate 400 charging points distributed across 150 “premium” locations.

Additionally, they have over a thousand pending installations.

However, when it comes to deploying the equipment, Cavazza Isolani indicates that this process “takes time” due to bureaucratic delays.

Swiss Life invests 84 million in Powy

In May, an investment fund managed by Swiss Life Asset Managers acquired a majority stake in Powy.

This €84 million investment aims to support the growth of the company’s charging station network throughout Europe.

The agreement stipulates that Powy’s founders and shareholders, Federico Fea and Andrea Brentan, will continue to lead the company as CEO and President, respectively.

“Besides the financial resources that will drive our ambitious plans in Europe, Swiss Life Asset Managers will bring their extensive experience in supporting high-growth companies,” stated Fea.

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