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Date: February 27, 2024
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The german traditional transport company, Saarbahn, will receive hydrogen buses from Wrightbus

Following a Europe-wide tender, it was decided that Wrightbus would be the supplier of Saarbahn's future hydrogen buses. The traditional transport company has ordered 28 Kite Hydroliners, with the first five set to be delivered this year.
hydrogen bus from the northern irish manufacturer wrightbus

After a Europe-wide tender, it was determined that Wrightbus, one of the pioneers in zero-emission bus production based in Northern Ireland, will be the supplier of Saarbahn’s future hydrogen buses.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Wrightbus, says: “We are delighted to deliver even more zero-emission buses in support of clear net-zero emission goals.”

Saarbahn is the largest transport company in the Saar region, so adding hydrogen buses to its fleet will have a significant positive impact on the region’s environment,” he adds.

As a traditional transport company, Saarbahn has commissioned 28 Kite Hydroliners, with the first five to be delivered this year.

The units are manufactured at Wrightbus’ headquarters in Ballymena.

“With Wrightbus, we have found a partner to bring emission-free buses to the streets of Saarbrücken and its surroundings as quickly as possible,” indicates project director Torsten Burgardt of Saar.

And he adds: “We take our environmental responsibility very seriously, and this is the first step in ensuring that in the coming years, the first part of our fleet consists of zero-emission buses, as required by the EU Clean Vehicles Directive.”

The H2 service station tender process has also been successfully completed.

The refuelling station will be built concurrently with the delivery of the buses at the Saarbahn bus station on Malstatter Straße in Saarbrücken.

For the refuelling infrastructure construction, Saar is investing around five million euros. This project is also funded by the BMDV.

About Wrightbus

The firm has been one of the driving forces of innovation in the transport industry since 1946.

The company is known for setting new standards of excellence and offers a wide range of zero-emission buses throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

Wrightbus developed, among other things, the world’s first hydrogen double-decker bus and the world’s most efficient double-decker electric bus.

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