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Date: October 24, 2023
Inés Platini
By Inés Platini

Sabway: Leading the first eScooter competition and planning European expansion

The pioneering company in the sustainable micromobility sector provides Mobility Portal Europe with an exclusive preview of all the updates Sabway is unveiling at the Global Mobility Call. Get all the details here.

In the context of the Global Mobility Call (GMC), Sabway, the global operator and manufacturer of personal electric mobility vehicles, presents its new projects.

In a conversation with Mobility Portal Europe, Carles Tremoleda, the Director of Expansion of this Barcelona-based company, alongside Javier Espinosa, the brand ambassador, anticipate the expansion plans.

The company not only has plans in Spain but has also established a store in Argentina, and they are considering expanding to Portugal and Italy next year.

Furthermore, they share details about the first Spanish eScooter championship, which they are organizing to take place in various locations, including Madrid, Catalonia, and other parts of the country in 2024.

Javier Espinosa, eScooter Rider.
Javier Espinosa, eScooter Rider.

“We are very excited. This is part of our commitment to raising awareness that electric mobility has come to stay and is significant,” highlights Tremoleda.

Moreover, he anticipates that many more editions will be held in the future.

Meanwhile, the current pilot of the first competition emphasizes encouraging the public to go and witness the event.

“Motorcycle and car races are common events, but electric scooters are not. They provide battles and high speeds that are very impressive and will truly amaze the attendees,” he emphasizes.

About Sabway

Sabway, the company that was founded in 2015, stands out as the largest franchise network in Spain at a time when electric and sustainable mobility was still in its early stages of development.

As Tremoleda claims, the pioneering company in the sector differentiates itself from its competition due to its comprehensive 360-degree service and its in-house manufacturing.

“From inception to completion, covering everything from conceptualization, design, manufacturing, and post-sale service, a feature that virtually no other company currently possesses,” he asserts.

And he adds: “As manufacturers, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the sector and are highly focused on finding franchisees interested in establishing their own points of sale, repair services, and eScooter rentals.”

The company’s three main products are the electric scooter, which is their flagship product, the monowheel, and reduced mobility vehicles.

Additionally, they manufacture electric bicycles, cars, quads, electric motorcycles for children, hoverboards, and radio-controlled devices.

Currently, there is a certain prejudice against electric scooters, with claims that they pose a risk both to riders and society in general.

Some European cities that have banned their use include Paris and Amsterdam.

However, the Director of Expansion assures that Sabway is “not a threat to cities.”

On the contrary, he believes that eScooters have come as an alternative to the use of vehicles in urban environments.

He also acknowledges that there is a valid point in saying that there is still a need for proper training, not only in electric scooter operation but also in traffic education in this context, as well as the creation of suitable infrastructures that allow for the coexistence of electric scooters and pedestrians.

“We are dealing with something that did not exist a decade ago, and its acceptance takes time,” he emphasizes.

Therefore, he hopes that, following the example of other sectors, incentives for the purchase of electric scooters will be introduced, with regulations ensuring they meet certain safety standards.

Their presence at the GMC

Until October 26, Madrid hosts the Global Mobility Call, an event jointly organized by IFEMA and Smobhub.

Sabway at the Global Mobility Call.
Sabway at the Global Mobility Call.

This event brings together more than 10,000 professionals from around the world, along with nearly 500 speakers and 104 key companies in the development of electric mobility.

There, Sabway can be found at booth 14B16, showcasing its new proprietary models that have been approved by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT).

Furthermore, they introduce the latest additions to the group as official distributors, including brands like Lynx and Moxie.

Not only that, but the company will also unveil its first solar scooter prototype and a comprehensive solution for corporate fleets or shared mobility systems.

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