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Date: September 5, 2023
By Ailén Pedrotti
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Satrústegui (Hyundai): “We are confident that a new Plan Moves 4 will emerge”

Leopoldo Satrústegui, General Director of Hyundai Motor Spain, emphasizes the available incentives for electromobility. The emphasis on continuity and the need for reforms stands out in his speech.
Satrústegui (Hyundai) Plan Moves 4

For Hyundai Spain, electric mobility is the present and the future, but for this to become a reality, the incentives must be more significant.

In his interview as part of the “Personalities” series, Leopoldo Satrústegui, General Director of the local branch, emphasized the Moves Plan and the need for it to continue.

We are confident that a Moves Plan four for the purchase of electric vehicles will be launched,” he said.

Leopoldo Satrústegui, General Director of Hyundai Motor Spain.
Leopoldo Satrústegui, General Director of Hyundai Motor Spain.

On December 31st, the current aid package, as it is known, will come to an end, paving the way for a new edition.

Both ANFAC and various eMobility sector stakeholders are calling for key aspects to be considered, such as the subsidy being paid at the time of purchase or a direct discount on the price.

In this context, Satrústegui pointed out: “It’s not just about the budget but optimizing its operation.”

A significant concern is the delay in aid disbursement and the need for companies to receive tax refunds, something that is currently not happening effectively.

In this context, Hyundai seeks to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, but for this, “continuous government support is essential, with actions similar to those undertaken by Germany.”

Satrústegui also referred to the brand’s electrified offerings.

Hyundai is in the midst of a wave of innovations with its most recent launch: the IONIQ 6.

This is the larger sibling of the IONIQ 5, a compact crossover model with a neo-retro style that premiered the new E-GMP platform specific to electric models within the Korean group.

“We have won awards as the best car of the year for technology and design, and we are putting everything into sustainability,” said Satrústegui.

Hyundai is the brand that introduced hydrogen in Spain, being the first to register a car with this propulsion system in the country.

But despite the promising technology, “it has not yet developed as we hoped.”

The lack of charging infrastructure and high refueling costs are still barriers that the industry must overcome to massify these segments.

However, this does not detract from the intention to continue innovating, which remains a key part of Hyundai’s roadmap.

The crucial role of artificial intelligence in the industry 4.0 and in the company’s production is highlighted.

“Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in process optimization and real-time decision-making,” Satrústegui commented.

At the same time, he acknowledged the importance of automating production plants.

Currently, many of Hyundai’s facilities are above 90%, and the adaptation to the industry 4.0 continues.

Satrústegui and his driving preferences

The General Director of Hyundai Spain shared his personal experiences as a user of the brand’s electric vehicles.

Firstly, he highlighted the power and range of electric cars, as well as the efficiency and silent operation, as key advantages.

He also mentioned the ease of adapting to electric driving, making it “unlikely that drivers will return to combustion vehicles once they try electromobility.”

Currently, in his daily journeys, he drives an IONIQ 6 and has been a loyal eMobility user for three years.

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