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Date: January 30, 2024
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Shell, Carrefour, and Redevco will install over 500 EV charging stations in Belgium by the end of 2024

The companies have reached a significant milestone with the opening of the 100 EV charging station in the Carrefour hypermarket parking lot in Korbeek-Lo, contributing to achieving their goal of installing around 500 by 2025.
Shell SA, Carrefour Belgium, and Redevco achieved a noteworthy milestone.
Shell SA, Carrefour Belgium, and Redevco achieved a noteworthy milestone.

In a collaborative effort to expedite the transition to more sustainable mobility, Shell SA, Carrefour Belgium, and real estate company Redevco have reached a significant milestone with the inauguration of the 100th charging station for hybrid and electric cars.

Shell Recharge.

The event took place in the Carrefour hypermarket parking lot in Korbeek-Lo, marking a significant step towards their goal of installing approximately 500 charging stations by 2025.

The strategic alliance between Shell, Carrefour, and Redevco, initiated last summer, aims to make electric vehicle charging more accessible and convenient for drivers.

The charging network, named Shell Recharge, will be deployed in shopping center parking lots managed by Redevco, contributing to the enhancement of charging infrastructure in Belgium.

Since the installation of the first stations in July 2023, 100 charging posts have already been deployed in various locations, including Borsbeek, Ninove, Grimbergen, Koksijde, Kuringen, Hasselt, and Edegem Molenveld.

These stations, with charging capacities ranging from 22 kW to 150 kW, enable EVs to be charged in just a few minutes, providing drivers with a fast and efficient charging experience.

Shell, through its Shell EV Card and Shell Recharge app, grants users access to an extensive network of over 35,000 charging points in Belgium and more than 500,000 points across Europe, establishing the largest charging station network in the market.

During the inauguration, Christophe Vaessen, President and CEO of Belgian Shell, emphasized the importance of this partnership in reducing local CO2 emissions and making electric driving more appealing.

According to Vaessen, collaboration with companies like Carrefour is essential to accelerate the energy transition in the country.

Carrefour Belgium, committed to sustainability, sees these charging stations as a way to assist customers in making more sustainable choices.

Geoffroy Gersdorff, CEO of Carrefour Belgium, highlighted the importance of giving customers the opportunity to charge their EVs while shopping, encouraging a shift towards greener mobility.

Filip de Bois, Portfolio Director of Redevco Belgium, underscored the real estate company’s commitment to sustainability and enhancing the shopping experience for customers.

The company plans to install charging stations in the 55 shopping centers it manages in Belgium as part of its “Mission 2040” to achieve a carbon-neutral portfolio.

Looking ahead, Belgian Shell, Carrefour Belgium, and Redevco have plans to further expand the Shell Recharge network in Belgium.

The installation of eight additional posts in Zemst is expected this month, with the expansion of the electric vehicle terminal network in the Brussels and Wallonia region starting in the first quarter of 2024.

This alliance demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainable mobility and the reduction of the carbon footprint in the country.

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