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Date: April 24, 2024
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Siemens launches fleet charging service product: the Depot360

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has launched Depot360, a portfolio that goes beyond installation and servicing of electrical and charging infrastructure to cover the entire fleet electrification journey.
Siemens Depot360

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has unveiled Depot360, a groundbreaking portfolio aimed at revolutionizing the fleet electrification landscape.

With global transportation standing as the second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and road transport alone responsible for nearly three quarters of these emissions, Depot360 comes as a timely and strategic response to combat climate change.

This product is more than just a conventional installation and servicing solution, it represents a comprehensive approach to fleet electrification.

By offering access to affordable green energy, Depot360 is poised to propel customers towards their sustainability targets swiftly and efficiently.

The Depot360 portfolio is designed to assist fleet operators in realizing their decarbonization ambitions while simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing fleet performance.

This innovative solution is poised to simplify and expedite the transition to fleet electrification, thereby paving the way for sustainable transportation practices and a significant reduction in environmental impact.

A key feature of Depot360 is its predictable operational expenditure (OPEX) model, which ensures a lower total cost of ownership and decreased energy expenditure for customers.

It is seamlessly integrated into Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform that facilitates the digital transformation of fleet operators.

Initially focusing on logistics vehicles, municipal transit, and private bus fleets within depot, warehouse, and terminal facilities, Depot360 promises to usher in a new era of sustainable road-based mobility.

Thomas Kiessling, the Chief Technology Officer of Siemens Smart Infrastructure, emphasized the urgency of accelerating fleet electrification, stating:

“In the near future, many cities will only allow zero-emissions logistics vehicles into their centers, making the need to accelerate fleet electrification paramount.”

This product comprises two primary offerings: Depot360 Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) and Depot360 Managed Services.

Depot360 CaaS provides a zero-upfront investment solution, guiding fleet transitions to electric vehicles from start to finish.

This includes consultation, financing, depot design, construction, commissioning, and management, ensuring a holistic and future-proof solution for customers’ needs.

Depot360 Managed Services, an integral part of Depot360 CaaS, optimizes charging and fleet infrastructure. It is also available as a standalone offering for existing charging infrastructure or when customers prefer different financing models.

To support the Managed Services offering, Siemens has developed the Depot360 AI Platform.

This platform enables the Siemens 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to leverage fleet-centric algorithms continuously, ensuring optimal performance of the charging infrastructure.

Siemens has also forged strategic partnerships to enhance its offerings.

Telematics partnerships with industry leaders such as Geotab provide real-time vehicle data, enabling Siemens to further enhance fleet operations.

Additionally, the German company has partnered with financial institutions like GEFA BANK to offer customized financing solutions, alleviating the upfront costs associated with fleet electrification.

While initially focusing on select markets such as the US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, and Norway, Siemens plans to expand the Depot360 portfolio to additional markets in the future.

By continually enhancing its partner network and offerings, Siemens is committed to driving the global transition towards sustainable transportation practices.

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