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Date: February 1, 2024
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SIHOT partners with LADE to introduce seamless electric vehicle charging at its hotels

Customers of SIHOT benefit from seamless payment options, as the charging process is immediately linked to their hotel account, enabling automatic billing upon check-out.
SIHOT partners with LADE.
SIHOT partners with LADE.

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing guest experiences, leading hotel management system SIHOT has joined forces with energy transition start-up LADE to introduce connected onsite electric vehicle charging hubs.

This innovative collaboration aims to streamline the charging process for EV owners during their hotel stays, providing a seamless and automated experience.

The integration between LADE and SIHOT’s Property Management System (PMS) marks a significant step forward in simplifying the payment and billing experience for guests.

Through this partnership, electricity top-up charges for EV charging are automatically applied to the guest’s hotel room, eliminating the hassle of separate transactions.

Guests utilizing LADE’s charging stations can effortlessly connect their eVehicles, choosing from two authentication methods.

They can either use a QR code via smartphone along with entering their room number and ID, or opt for the convenience of an RFID key card issued by the hotel.

Hotels supporting the Open Charge Point Protocol (OPCC) can also integrate existing chargers into the system.

The entire charging process is seamlessly linked to the guest’s hotel account, ensuring that charges are automatically billed upon check-out.

SIHOT PMS provides hotels with the capability to actively manage and control ongoing charging processes, allowing them to conclude charging sessions upon check-out.

Currently available in Germany and Italy, this integration has garnered interest from prominent establishments like Best Western Hotel Nierstein and Rhine-Main Youth Hostel Mainz.

As the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to rise, these hotels are positioning themselves at the forefront of providing cutting-edge amenities to their guests.

Carsten Wernet, CEO of SIHOT, expressed the motivation behind this partnership, stating:

“In an effort to bring greater simplicity to hotel amenities and facilities, we are exploring ways to integrate new devices into the PMS to provide greater seamless digital journeys to guests and for hotel operations.”

With the growing prevalence of EVs, the demand for onsite charging hubs in hotels has become imperative.

Wernet adds: “Our partnership with LADE reflects our ongoing commitment to reduce the friction throughout the guest journey and provide more automated services.”

Dennis Schulmeyer, Founder and CEO of LADE, emphasized the role of this collaboration in advancing e-mobility, stating: “For eMobility to work, we need more and better charging infrastructures. Our hotel partnership with SIHOT is one way to realize this”.

“EV owners staying at a hotel can simply park, register, and head to their room while the car recharges, knowing the cost will be applied to one centralized bill along with other costs from their hotel stay,” he adds.

As the world embraces the electric vehicle revolution, this partnership between SIHOT and LADE signifies a pivotal moment in the hospitality industry, setting new standards for convenience and sustainability in the guest experience.

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