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Date: October 17, 2023
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Singular MOVES: “It’s frightening to embark on a project in the face of uncertaint”

José Antonio Rodríguez Legarreta, administrator of Capalada Naranco Servicios, shares with Mobility Portal Europe the challenges he faces within the framework of Singular MOVES II.
The second call of the Singular Moves Program has been allocated 264 million euros.
The second call of the Singular Moves Program has been allocated 264 million euros.

Within the framework of the Singular Moves Program, from October 3rd to November 24th, 2022, applications were received for the second call of the plan.

To this end, the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has allocated 234.6 million euros.

The actions must be carried out within a maximum period of 18 months from the date of notification of the grant.

In this context, Capalada Naranco Servicios, a developer of renewable energy projects, has applied for grants for three projects.

In this regard, its administrator, José Antonio Rodríguez Legarreta, tells Mobility Portal Europe, “It’s frightening to embark on a project in the face of the uncertainty generated by the deadlines.”

He explains, “In the unfortunate event that we fail to complete the project within the established 18-month period, we could face serious difficulties.”

However, the administrator emphasizes that, in order to ensure compliance with the set deadline, a prior time plan has been made.

Also, before applying for the grant, it has been ensured that all requirements can be met.

Furthermore, he states that there are aspects that “do not solely depend on the company.”

“There are deadlines that must be met, and this can be uncertain,” expresses Rodríguez Legarreta.

For example, concerning the physical implementation of electric vehicle charging stations, it is necessary to obtain administrative licenses, among other requirements that are beyond the company’s control.

Specifically, the company has submitted three projects.

First, one aimed at facilitating the expansion of charging infrastructure.

For this, they have received 136,680 euros to develop a software application that acts as a gateway between the infrastructure owner and the user.

In this way, they aim to streamline and simplify the electric vehicle charging processes and their economic compensations.

They also seek to increase the availability of the infrastructure through economic compensation to network owners for the energy supplied to electric vehicle users.

The other two projects aim to install completely autonomous charging stations without a grid connection.

This involves the construction of a charging infrastructure and an adjacent photovoltaic solar plant with a capacity of 150 kWp.

It will be equipped with a 200 kWh battery system.

Additionally, the plant will be installed on the ground and/or on the roof of the charging station facilities.

The construction will include a vehicle charging system of up to 50 kW, equipped with control, power, safety devices, and auxiliary components.

The amount of aid granted for these two projects is 348,828 euros each.

Currently, they are in the initial stage, working on reaching agreements with landowners.

Capalada Naranco Servicios has been selected along with 185 other initiatives focused on the installation of charging infrastructure, battery applications, and storage.

They are also involved in the development of new processes or prototypes for electric vehicles and their associated components.

The Singular Moves Program is managed by the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE).

The difference from the first call has been the exclusion of projects related to hydrogen stations.

Capalada Naranco Servicios primarily focuses on promoting energy efficiency, savings, and innovative solutions.

“We are an active company. So, we are vigilant about any potential grants and are always thinking about interesting projects to develop, not only independently but also in collaboration with other companies,” concludes Rodríguez Legarreta.

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