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Date: January 29, 2024
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Smart Wallboxes optimises the eMobility experience with solutions so the customer “doesn’t have to worry about anything”

Smart Wallboxes, the prominent charging point installation company reveals at the "Ibero-American Fair of Electric and Sustainable Mobility," organised by Mobility Portal Group, the services that set it apart in the sector.
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With the aim of promoting electric vehicle adoption and sustainable mobility, Smart Wallboxes offers tailor-made turnkey solutions, both for individuals and businesses.

Elis Álvarez González, CEO of Smart Wallboxes.
Elis Álvarez González, CEO of Smart Wallboxes.

We carry out the preliminary study, design, execution, legalization, and maintenance of the charging point, so that the customer does not have to worry about anything,” assures Elis Álvarez González, CEO of the firm, to Mobility Portal Group.

In this way, the firm takes care of managing the entire project from start to finish, including the processing of a new supply if necessary.

Its team of engineers and installers have the necessary training and experience to ensure user and vehicle safety.

All integrated with solar energy, an area in which Smart Wallboxes specializes.

The company designs storage plans, ranging from small residential installations to large-scale projects for the industrial sector.

“Our strength in the photovoltaic sector lies in having our own personnel; we do not work with subcontracted companies,” he explains during the Ibero-American Fair of Electric and Sustainable Mobility.

The main advantage of this is that the workers have know-how on the execution of the installations, ensuring customer satisfaction without inconvenience.

The firm facilitates implementation in private and community parking lots, although it is currently focusing on advising companies in their electrification process.

“There are companies that have still not adapted to the Royal Decree,” he says.

This establishes requirements for buildings with uses other than private residential, with more than 10 parking spaces.

The decree requires conduits to serve as pre-installation of charging infrastructures for 20 percent of parking spaces, as well as the obligation to have at least one charging point for every 40 parking spaces, with a maximum limit of 1,000 locations.

In this context, Smart Wallboxes services include the management of consumption and users through an application or OCPP platform.

These offer companies the possibility of charging or even automatically charging the user.

The tools provide companies with the ability to collect fees or allow the user to do so automatically.

Not only that, but they also offer the integration of installations with solar panel systems.

Thus, it helps users save by designing and installing solar panel systems for self-consumption with or without batteries.

The company collaborates with various brands, prioritizing those classified as Tier 1, so that each customer, whether individual or corporate, has a warranty.

Currently, it stands out as a certified installer of Tesla Powerwall.

The batteries are independent and have the ability to create a microgrid within the home.

Thanks to its Backup system, it is possible to maintain the generation of electricity even in cases of blackouts or power cuts from the grid.

We install the Tesla battery, as well as other universal batteries available on the market compatible with any existing solar system,” highlights Álvarez González.

In addition, it works with other leading inverter brands, such as Huawei and SMA, to provide reliability to its customers.

Smart Wallboxes accompanies users who require it in the process of obtaining permits and aids, both for the installation of solar energy systems and for those related to electric mobility.

This service is usually offered free of charge.

The connection of charging points with solar panel installations results in significant savings, exceeding 80 percent on the electricity bill.

Smart Wallboxes is betting on continuous growth

According to the CEO of the company, as anticipated in the eBook released by Mobility Portal Group, they will try to close several agreements this year with the intention of developing their own line of products.

“We have several projects in the pipeline that we will unveil as they materialize,” emphasizes Álvarez González.

This commitment arises from the constant search to offer the maximum quality available to their customers and continue accompanying them in their transition to electric mobility.

In this sense, they will continue to invest in their human team and invest in their training to offer users the best experience and professional treatment.

It is worth noting that throughout 2023, Smart Wallboxes has experienced a remarkable growth of 300 percent.

Relive the first Ibero-American Fair of Electric and Sustainable Mobility organized by Mobility Portal España and Mobility Portal Latinoamérica:

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