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Date: November 6, 2023
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Spain doubles registrations of electrified vehicles in October

Compared to September's sales, there was a substantial 54.9% growth in October, resulting in a total of 11,241 registrations. Which regions performed exceptionally well?
Tesla Model 3 sold 624 units in October
Tesla Model 3 sold 624 units in October.

Despite electrified vehicle sales continuing to fall below the target of 190,000 units set for 2023, the registrations in October showed a significant advancement.

In the tenth month, there is a 54.9% increase in sales, which represents a substantial rise compared to the September figure, which stood at 18%.

According to the report prepared by the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC), a total of 11,241 units were sold.

These vehicles, including passenger cars, quadricycles, commercial and industrial vehicles, as well as buses, make up 11.8% of the sales in the general market.

In contrast to the previous month, this increase reflects a rise of 2.7 percentage points.

Sales of electrified vehicles continue their upward trend in recent months, accumulating 99,314 units sold so far this year, which represents a 48% increase.

However, alternative-fuel vehicles (electrified, hybrid, and gas) continue to dominate sales with a growth of 44.6% in the month, totaling 42,416 units.

Specifically, pure electric cars experienced an 89.6% increase in October, with 6,177 sales, accounting for 6.48% of the market share in the month and 5.21% annually.

Plug-in hybrids also showed a growth of 26.6% in October, with 5,064 registrations, contributing to a 5.31% market share in the month and 5.39% in 2023.

All Autonomous Communities saw an increase during the tenth month, with Madrid leading with 4,864 registrations of electric vehicles and 12,274 plug-in hybrids.

Catalonia took the second place with 1,744 zero-emission units and 4,009 hybrids sold.

Meanwhile, Valencia secured the third spot in electric vehicles with 902 sales, and Andalusia led in plug-in hybrids with 2,817 registrations.

Ceuta, Melilla, and La Rioja maintained the last positions on the podium, although they showed growth compared to previous months.

According to José López-Tafall, ANFAC’s General Director, he states, “We are on the right path, but we need to accelerate the pace. The European average doubles our share of the electrified market.

Not only that, but he also emphasizes the importance of continuing the Plan Moves beyond December 31st.

Furthermore, he highlights the need to further expand the public access charging network and “implement a fiscal framework that encourages the acquisition of electrified vehicles by businesses.”

What were the best-selling models in October?

Maintaining its first position on the electric vehicles podium, the Tesla Model 3 sold 624 units in October, representing 12.34% of the market share.

This car offers a maximum range of 629 kilometers and a fast charging capacity of 250 kW, in addition to an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds.

The KIA e-Niro continues to be on the list with 354 registrations and a 7% monthly market share, notable for its 460-kilometer range and a 64.8 kWh battery.

In the third place, the Smart #1 added 266 registrations and a growth of 5.26%.

This vehicle allows charging from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes, with a power of 150 kW and a range of 400 km (according to the WLTP cycle).

In the plug-in hybrid segment, the Ford Kuga takes the first place with 303 vehicles sold, achieving a 6.07% market share.

The Peugeot 3008 occupies the second place with 299 registrations, representing 5.99% of the monthly share.

It has efficient fuel consumption and an electric range of up to 66 km, with a full charge in 3.5 hours.

This SUV offers an electric range of up to 65 kilometers and a full charge in two hours.

Meanwhile, the KIA Sportage ranks third with 272 cars sold and a cumulative 5.45%.

The model stands out for its 6-speed automatic transmission and a 13.8 kWh battery capacity.

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